Let´s close the circle together

Circular economy is gaining new ground every day and gives hope to the production industry. Stena Recycling is a partner who creates value throughout the hole chain - from product design to recycling and delivery of raw materials back to industry and society. We help to close the circle.

Now that the world is moving towards a more circular economy, recycling and "Design for Recycling" have a decisive role. We have high ambitions about how we can use innovation and modern advanced technology to handle all types of waste and we will willingly work with your company.

Give your material a new life

Stena Recycling primarily works with three parts of the circular economy; recycling, design for recycling and resource optimization services. In recycling, we return raw materials into society in a very efficient manner - so efficiently that we can disclose that 95% of a obsolete car can be recycled! Thanks to our advanced recycling processes we can increase recovery rates, get cleaner materials and meet the demand in the next part of the value chain.

We recycle 200,000 cars each year. This means that we return 153,000 tons of material and avoid 346 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions (compared to virgin raw materials), says Johan Tegbring, Production Manager Stena Metall. 

Closing the circle

For us who work on recycling daily, it is important to optimize recycling when the product has served. Our service "Design for Recycling " helps product developers design new products with recycling in mind, from the beginning. Nothing is waste - everything are resources, that can be used over and over again.

We help you by:

Analysing - Inventory of waste management, needs and challenges.
Correcting - Educate and motivate, sort correctly, create order and comply with legislation.
Improving - Optimize waste management, provide statistics about recycling and identify new and better solutions.

Close the circle with us.


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