Halmstad - at the forefront of sustainability


Each year we accept 100,00 tonnes of oil and water at the Recycling Center in Halmstad from industries from all over Sweden. The plant is at the forefront in the handling of hazardous waste and helps our customers to be more sustainable.

”What Stena Recycling has managed to develop at its plant in Halmstad is something we have asked for and are very pleased with. They help to increase the value of our waste to a resource instead of just waste,” says Henri Wiberg, purchaser at Perstorp Specialty Chemicals AB.

The hazardous waste comes to Halmstad by train, boat or truck and can be received 24 hours a day as the plant is always manned. When the aste arrives we continuously take samples and analyze on site in our laboratory so that we always find the best treatment.

For us, waste is a valuable resource, where others see problems we see opportunities and that helps us develop. Something our customers really appreciate.
”At Perstorp we always work to recycle our waste in the most efficient way. Therefore, we challenge our suppliers to develop,” says Henri Wiberg.

Halmstad is a good example. During treatment, combustible gas is recovered, a product you really do not want as often the alternativeis to release it. But instead of contributing to the greenhouse effect, we use the gas as a fuel in production when we purify oil and industrial water, giving us a self-sufficient process. Something we are the first in Sweden.

Because oil has different flame points, it places demands on the plant that receives it. But in Halmstad we can receive oil with both high and low flame points, which means that we are flexible and can recycle several different types of hazardous waste.

The water that is extracted during the treatment becomes so clean that we can release it into the sea again. We refine the oil to produce fuel oil and our process is so good that we get down to less than 1% water. The result is a completely new product and the quality of the heating oil is equivalent to virgin oil, which means that it can stay within the circular economy.

In other words, the plant in Halmstad contributes to smarter and more sustainable recycling in several ways. It is proof of how to convert waste into completely new resources by always striving for the best possible technology. Close collaboration with partners, customers and universities means that we can continue to challenge ourselves to become even better at what we do.


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