Stena innovation makes complex waste a resource


What happens to the last remaining residual material when a car is shredded for recycling? The traces, which consist of a combination of metals, rubber, textiles and plastics, can now be recycled so that they do not end up as landfill.

Some materials left from the recycling of cars, industrial production and recycling centers have so far been so complicated to recycle that they ended up in landfills. A new process at Stena Recycling increases the recycling rate, and returns materials while the rest becomes a new energy-rich pellet fuel.

"We have developed a separation process so that metals and plastics can be recycled and the residual material becomes a quality-proof, energy-rich fuel called ProFuel," says Johan Tegbring, Operational Manager Production at Stena Recycling.

Tested in the concrete industry

ProFuel can be used by energy-intensive industries or used to produce district heating and electricity. Test deliveries of fuel are ongoing to Heidelberg Cement's energy-demanding cement production in Slite, Sweden. The fuel can be an important part of sustainability work – switching from coal to waste and bio-based fuels.

"Our vision is that by 2030 our concrete products should be climate neutral during their lifecycle. The waste-based fuel from Stena Recycling helps us to further our development," says Anders Jansson, Marketing Director at Heidelberg Cement Environment.


Up in the waste hierarchy

Before, it was not possible to recycle SLF. Now, however, SLF can be recycled as pellet fuel. This means it is now possible to recycle 95% of a car. 

"This is a good example of how we move a material up the waste hierarchy and create new benefits for the industries and municipalities we cooperate with," says Johan Tegbring.

This technically advanced recycling process has been built both at Stena Nordic Recycling Center in Halmstad and at Stena Recycling in Grenå.


  • ProFuel is an energy-rich fuel that can replace fossil fuels in energy-intensive industries.
  • One ton of ProFuel contains energy that approximately corresponds to the yearly household requirement of a villa.
  • The process contributes to a circular economy and creates benefits and new values throughout the chain


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