Don’t let your hazardous waste go to waste

To us hazardous waste is a valuable resource that can be turned into something new and useful. Recycling hazardous waste is good for the environment, but it can also lead to increased competitive advantages for businesses and industries.

Climbing the waste hierarchy

Where others see problems we see possibilities. Today a big part of hazardous waste is used for energy recovery or put on landfill, this is a waste of resources. We take it one step further and make sure it can be recycled and reused in new ways. For example, we recover metal from metal based dust and purify chemicals like solvents, oil and glycol so it can be used again. This helps our customers climb the waste hierarchy and become more sustainable.


Flexible solutions are the key

Hazardous waste should always be handled by experts who know what they are doing. At Stena Recycling we always make sure that our specialists have the right expertise and are educated within safety, new techniques, laws and regulations. New rules are added and the customers’ production process might change. This means that we need to be alert and ready to adapt, so we never become dependent on a specific technique. Thanks to our own facilities in combination with a broad network of partners we always find flexible solutions the can be adapted to new circumstances. And thanks to our Research & Development department we continue to develop our competence and processes.


A close collaboration

To find the best possible solution for each case we work closely with our customers. Each case is unique, so we need to really understand the production processes and what challenges lie ahead. That’s why we always come out on location to study the production. By doing that we can guarantee the best solution through the whole chain, from analyzing, packaging and labelling to transport and the final handling.

We see sustainability as a factor for success.

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