Re-think plastic

Plastic is a fantastic material with many good qualities for creating durable products. But it is important that plastic is handled with care throughout the entire lifecycle of the product (the chain). All too often plastic results in waste or is incinerated unnecessarily, instead of being recycled and used for new products.

Stena Recycling has developed innovative new recycling processes and services that make it possible to, e.g. take care of plastics in electronics and plastics from industry. The plastic from electronics must be carefully separated into different qualities, depending on if the plastic is completely clean and ready to be recycled or if, e.g. it contains hazardous substances such as flame retardants.

Plastic containing hazardous substances is energy recovered under controlled conditions. Other plastics are separated into four main groups: ABS, PP, PE and PS. Stena Recycling can also separate plastic into different colours based on our customers' needs. That is how we create more plastic that can be recycled by manufacturers. More and more companies now want to use recycled plastic. This is necessary because the use of plastic will probably continue to increase in the future.

This is how we create the loop together


Optimized plastic handling in your daily operations

In your business, it's important to do things properly right from the start – right at the source. Stena Recycling’s extensive expertise and services in the handling of plastic can help you with product design adapted for recycling, choosing the right plastic, we train employees to sort correctly and we ensure collection equipment tailored to your business. A fully developed plastic recycling process enables you to take advantage of a valuable resource and contribute to your sustainable profile.


Increased recycling is an important step up the waste hierarchy

Using our recycling processes, we can ensure that more plastic is recycled from, e.g. electronics and packaging. It is an important step up the waste hierarchy towards new solutions where your plastic waste is taken care of and used in the manufacturing of new products.


Recycled plastic for new plastic products

Through our collaborations with proven plastic manufacturers, we make sure that your plastic becomes raw material for new products. This also reduces the need to use fossil fuels in plastic manufacturing. This is how close the loop for plastic and ensure careful control of materials every step of the way.

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