Recycling metal waste with Marioff for ten years

Marioff Corporation Oy is a Finnish pioneer in water mist suppression technology that supplies sprinkler systems worldwide.

From the manufacturing process of the equipment, various types of alloyed steel and metal are produced as waste, both as scrap and as a chip. We help Marioff recycle these waste metals into new raw materials.

Waste metals from Marioff manufacturing processes have a significant financial value. Taking the environmental issues into consideration is also a key part of the company at every stage of production.

“Recycling cooperation with Stena started already in July 2007. Stena has offered us a uniform and easy recycling model for recycling metal scrap from the manufacturing process,” says Tuomo Tiainen, Global Sourcing Manager from Marioff.

Stena assists Marioff in the responsible recycling of these waste metals. With our recycling services, Marioff ensures up-to-date refund rates for valuable metal waste. For collection of scrap materials, we have supplied specially designed collection containers, which include: Preventing any harmful leakage into the environment of waste material containing machining fluid.

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