We are driven by the concept of there not really being any waste at all, but only untapped resources. We see value in all materials and are always looking for the best and most effective solutions in our collaborative efforts. It is then that we find the solutions that close the circle and take full advantage of our finite resources.

Care for resources

For us there is no waste - only valuable resources. We are constantly striving to find new solutions so that materials can live on. By managing resources more carefully, we can create a better future. 

value creating Expertise 

The foundation for a sustainable offering is our value creating expertise. It is essential to release new possibilities through out the chain and is the basis for all our services that we deliver.

We are alone in being able to provide several of the benefits required today for effective recycling – always close to you, material expertise and high recycling rate are some examples. These strengths make it possible to provide sustainable resource management throughout the value chain – from your organization, handling of the materials and then on to the factories that make new products from your materials. This is the basis for quality in all the services we provide. 

We have actively chosen to develop larger parts of our resources internally. We have over 170 local recycling plants in Europe so that we can be close to our customers and efficiently handle waste resources. We want to reduce transport costs and CO2 emissions, be faster with service, improve efficiency and increase the degree of recycling.


We take these experiences with us in all collaborations and adapt solutions to each customer’s needs and capabilities. There are always many factors to take into consideration in the solution that is best for a specific company. Environmental goals, cost savings, company KPIs or how employees presently handle waste in everyday operations are a few examples. Together we release hidden values and create a sustainable waste management.

recycling - Customized solutions

Our recycling services cover a substantial breadth of the daily challenges you may encounter – everything from the right bins to courses for your employees and needs for personnel to handle recycling at your site. Based on your needs, we choose the relevant services – those required to address the needs you want to resolve.

Examples of services:


  • Waste material collection
  • Containers and hazardous waste environmental stations
  • Signage and sorting handbook
  • Production service
  • Classification and sorting of hazardous waste


  • Environmental training (class room and e-learning)
  • Sorting training


  • Hazardous goods and transport advisory

Optimization- continuous improvements

More advanced optimization services where we systematically work with improvements in operations. It is a Lean-inspired way of seeing things where we join in creating entirely new values by, for example, changing behavior, ensuring that equipment is at the right location to save time for employees or increasing the area in a shop or warehouse available for commercial activities. Resource optimization is about analyzing the customer’s entire material handling chain. We help customers to design their products so that they can be recycled, and we analyze in detail how materials are utilized in production so as to optimize recycling.

Examples of services:

  • Material analysis
  • Waste management insights in digital customer portal
  • Optimization program - Stena Resource Management
  • Design for recycling


We work in close collaboration with you to jointly develop new products and/or to invest in new technical equipment for achieving your goals. This can involve development of digital support for increasing efficiency. It can also involve new solutions for handling and finding uses for a challenging type of waste, moving away from landfills, taking a material further up the waste stairway or developing a new product. Together we can conduct research projects – all to create entirely new, ground-breaking solutions.



While the services in recycling almost always constitute the foundation of collaboration, we believe that continuous resource optimization will be increasingly necessary. And the need for innovation collaboration will become more and more important in discovering the hidden values that can make a big difference in sustainable handling. All to attain a strong waste economy, to create environmental benefits and generally establish sustainable business operations throughout the recycling chain - an important part of a companies sustainability work.

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