Safe handling of confidential material

Reduce risk with information handling and destruction of confidential material in documents and electronic media.


There can be major consequences for your company if sensitive information such as personal data, agreements and customer data ended up in the wrong hands. Do you have control over where the information goes when the documents, hard drives, USB, phones, prototypes are discarded?

Reduce the risks with safe information management and destruction with simple procedures for your staff and secure recycling. It helps you meet the GDPR legislation that regulates how you handle personal data. Protect the individual's integrity and strengthen your work with information security.

The Reisswolf confidential service contains everything you need:

  • Safety container
  • Sealing
  • Destruction on site
  • Certificate of destruction
  • Safe transportation
  • Specially trained staff
  • Safe recycling


For those with a continuous need for the destruction of confidential documents, we offer rental subscriptions for  one or more lockable confidential containers that we empty at scheduled intervals to suit you. We can also come when needed at other times such as when clearing out old archives.

If you need to destroy your privacy material on site, we can offer a mobile destruction service using our custom-built truck. You can of course oversee the destruction if desired.


The containers are sealed to prevent unauthorized access to the contents. The safety vessels are handled by a digital control system that gives precise control over where in the process each container is located, when pick up occurs and who was on guard duty. Our trucks have special equipment and alarms to keep an uninterrupted high security throughout the transport to the security room where destruction takes place. All personnel who handle confidential information are safety certified and you will receive a destruction certificate for your material.

We are members in NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) – the industry´s international  interest organisation with over 1,000 member companies around the world.

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