Environmental station


Simple, safe and cost effective solution for your hazardous waste. It makes it easy to do right and secure that the handling meets laws and regulations. It also saves time and contributes to a clean and nice working environment.


  • An environmentally safe storage for your hazardous waste
  • The cabinet is equipped with emergency door opening from the inside so that you and your personal will feel safe in all situations
  • Easy to access
  • The station is placed outdoors and freeing up space indoors
  • Container for aerosols is placed on the outside for increased safety
  • Ventilation top and bottom that prevents the accumulation of gases
  • Signage making it easy to sort correctly
  • Internal dike that prevents leakage
  • Control of the flows through transport documents for each collection.


Our environmental stations for the storage of hazardous waste consist of cabinets and wall-mounted modules. Both variants can be equipped with containers, trays and barrels for the type of waste and volumes that suit your company. The cabinets can be placed both indoors and outdoors. The wall modules are mounted in a suitable place indoors, so you can quickly and easily sort and store the hazardous waste.

What is included in the hire cost

  • Vessels (drums and trays) marked with sorting labels
  • Special container for fluorescent lamps
  • Aerosol box which hangs on the outside of the cabinet
  • Sprinklers in the event of fire
  • Absorbency kit
  • Safety goggles
  • Transport documents for each collection

 As an extra option you can choose:

  • Removable ramp to easily move barrels för att enkelt flytta fat
  • Funnels for refilling petrol and other low-flash point products

recycling STATION with 2 drums

Width: 1 600 mm, height: 2 350 mm, depth: 900 mm

Stena Recycling   Stena Recycling


recycling STATION with 6 drums

Width: 2 520 mm, height: 2 640 mm, depth: 1 900 mm

Stena Recycling   Stena Recycling


recycling station - wall mounted

Width: 1 200 mm (single wall)
Width: 2 400 mm (double wall)
Height: 2 000 mm

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