Production service


Free up time, reduce the risk of disturbances and make fixed costs flexible.

Our production service is tailor-made based on your needs and for a close dialogue with you and your colleagues. We always have a holistic perspective and see how with smart solutions we can help you work more cost-effectively.

Production service is available in two levels - Mini and Maxi.

mini Production service

This service means that we have employees at your workplace to take care of parts of the waste management. This gives you better security in the management of waste and allows your staff to focus more on their own operations.

We can be situated at your workplace for anything from a few hours a month to a few days every week. Our employees can then help you to sort, classify, pack, label and transport waste for recycling and ensure that vessels and environment space work properly.

If we handle the continuous emptying of vessels, we can also arrange for the collection of bulky goods, such as wooden pallets and discarded machine parts. We often have several customers in the same area and in many cases can coordinate collections, which makes it an economically advantageous solution for you.

maxi Production service

If you choose this service, we will take total care of your waste management. We have staff on site and finance all waste containers and any machines at you workplace. Together, we produce measurement data for waste management and how it affects your business. We continuously follow up and report this to you

The Maxi Produktion service gives you increased financial flexibility to be able to quickly implement changes in the business. Simply because we can adjust both crew and equipment according to your current needs.

Another advantage of outsourcing your waste management to us is that we get a good insight into your business and can identify different areas of improvement. For example, replacing large containers with mixed waste for smaller vessels for different residual materials, which can be collected at more frequent intervals. This increases the chances of raising the value of your waste and makes it possible to create areas that can be used for another purpose in your business.

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