Sorting and classification of hazardous waste


Stena Recycling's sorting and classification service helps you with complicated residual products and give advice on how to handle and pack hazardous waste in the correct way.


Our staff come out to your business and identify, sort, classify, pack, label and transport the waste to treatment. To identify and dispose of hazardous waste often requires a knowledge of chemistry and ADR. Our employees undergo training continously and have long experience of handling different types of hazardous waste.

We also have different kinds of packaging that have been adapted and approved for storage and transportation of all types of waste and we also provide all the necessary transport documents.


De flesta typer av avfall kan Stenas personal sortera utan laboratorieanalys. Vissa typer av avfall (exempelvis transformatorolja som kan innehålla PCB) kan kräva analyser. Vi hanterar provtagning och alla typer av analyser. Prover kan tas på plats hos kund och resultat kan ges innan avfallet hämtas eller efter mellanlagring hos Stena i väntan på analyssvar.

Most types of waste can be sorted by Stena's staff without laboratory analysis. Certain types of waste (such as transformer oil that may contain PCBs) may require analysis. We take care of sampling and all other kinds of analysis. Samples can be taken at the customer's workplace and results can be obtained before the waste is collected or after interim storage at Stena whilst waiting for the results.


The waste that is collected is treated either at source by our partners - all with the necessary permits for their operations.

We ourselves, can deal with waste oil, oil emulsions, oleaginous water, paint and solvent residues. We help you with the complete management of hazardous waste through cooperation with specialised plants in the disposal of specific residual products. We only work with facilities that are licensed for their operations. In each individual assignment, we seek logistics solutions that are economically sustainable for your business.

We help you with the disposal of hazardous waste regardless of whether it is a large or small volume and will provide you with all the statistics after each completed assignment.

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