We offer total waste management solutions, where we use innovative thinking to make recycling easier, more convenient and more economical. We offer services not only at all of our sevenmarkets but even between countries for customers operating across borders.

our services gives you:

  • One contact for all your needs
  • Innovative solutions
  • Efficient services

1. Customized solution
Based on an audit of your waste types and volumes, we propose a complete, customized solution that includes bins, sorting system, pickup schedule, etc.

2. Resource optimization
As part of our total solution, we always look for innovative ways to conserve resources in the form of time and labor through efficient waste management.

3. Training and information
Stena offers information, consulting services and motivational training to make waste management easier, safer and more efficient. We teach routines and of course provide the tools you need such as a customized waste sorting handbook.

4. Services for ANY TYPE OF waste
We take care of everything involving collections and transports, after which we process and recycle your waste as new raw material. Our capacity to handle any type of waste makes it easier for you, since you won't have to juggle more than one contact or bill.

5. Reporting and monitoring
You will have access to your own portal, where you will always find a wealth of statistics, volume data and costs. This makes it easier for you to produce environmental reports and find the information you need to further improve your waste management

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