Safety is a priority.

Our vision is concise: "A Stena without accidents". It is the basis of our systematic safety work.

We believe that all accidents are avoidable through risk analysis, preventive measures and working safely together. Safe working environments avoid costly downtime through accidents and lead to efficient and consistent production of high quality.

A major part of our safety work is ongoing dialogues with customers, suppliers and authorities on how we can work more safely together. Security is not just important for us. We require all our subcontractors to undergo safety training. We also provide customers with safety consulting, training in handling dangerous goods and hazardous waste. These safety services are an integral part of what we offer our customers.

One way we ensure high-level safety is through so-called safety walks. These tours are made at all of our facilities and follow a standardized method. Good safety practices are praised and shortcomings are addressed directly in discussions about how to make improvements. Last year 11,000 safety walks were carried out at our facilities.

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