We have over 20 years of experience in bespoke recycling solutions for electronics from industry, commerce and municipalities. We offer everything from electronics cages and containers to confidential destruction, transport and reporting - all to make your electronic waste a resource in a safe and sustainable way.


Electronics contain a number of precious metals and materials that can be used for new products. A well functioning waste recycling decreases the environmental impact compared to using new raw material. Through high tech processes we handle large volumes of electronics.

control in the whole chain

As a customer you gain control in the whole process from transport and recycling processes to the delivery of new secondary raw material for new products through qualified documentation and quality assurance of our partners. The first step in our recycling process is to remove hazardous waste such as batteries and mercury to make sure that hazardous materials do not end up in nature.

products that we recycle

Small devices: Vacuum cleaners, toasters, irons, coffee machines, hairdryers, shavers, electric toothbrushes, clocks and weighing scales. 
IT-products: Computers, printers, calculators, mobile phones and other products with a computer memory.
Screens: All sorts of flat screens, plasma screens, LCD, LED, OLED, 3D-TV, Smart-TV etc.
Solar panels: Silicone-based photovoltaics.
Old TVs and monitors: All types of VRT, TVs and monitors.
Cooling appliances: Refridgerators and freezers, isolation panels, air conditioning- and water cooling appliances.

new quality products

We offer a wide range of quality-assured raw materials that are sold to selected partners around the world for the production of new products which get a new life in the cycle. These partners can be steelworks, smelters, foundries, plastic producers and other manufacturers. Together we close the circle and make sure that discarded products are recycled and become a resource for new products.


  • The recycling of a Freon refrigerator corresponds to over two tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions - the environmental impact that arises from the production of virgin materials if the climate-harmful gases are not rendered harmless but leak out
  • The recycling of a mobile phone saves enough energy to have a 9W lamp switched on for 200 days

TRENDs within the ELEcTRONics industry

  • Automation and digitalization increase electronic waste in industry and commerce
  • Increased need for control through simple solutions and the management of confidential material
  • ID theft and other digital crimes are increasing - we have solutions for safe handling of confidential information

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