We offer cost-effective recycling solutions for all types of paper recycling tailored to meet your needs and spaces. Our long experience and expertise guarantees that the waste paper is used efficiently and in an environmentally sound manner. We ensure that the value of the paper as a raw material is utilized in the best way providing the best possible financial solution for you.

Cost-EFFEcTIVe HANdlING of waste PAPER

Together, we look at what different paper qualities you have in your business and come up with a tailor-made proposal that makes sorting and handling as easy and efficient as possible for your staff. The routines are adapted to the conditions in your workplace and there is always one single contact person for all questions and orders.

Confidential information

We offer secure collection and destruction of confidential material. We have mobile destruction service using our custom-built truck which can destroy your confidential documents on site.

How we do paper recycling

  • Collection
  • Transport to recycling plant
  • Sorting, quality control and baling 
  • Delivery to paper mills

PAPER facts

  • Energy consumption is about 50 percent lower when recycled paper is used as a raw material compared with forest raw material, which gives great environmental benefits
  • Each ton of recycled paper corresponds to 14 trees and can be recycled 6-7 times before the fiber is consumed
  • Recycled paper is mainly used in the manufacture of corrugated cardboard, packaging board, newsprint and hygiene paper, but almost all paper products can be manufactured from recycled paper with good results
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