Plastic is not really a single material, but a collective name for several hundred different kinds of plastics consisting of chemical compounds, so-called polymers. The advantage of plastic is that it can be given a variety of properties, from thin and stretchable to strong and very durable. In any business, plastic waste can arise in several different ways, but in essence it is some form of used packaging or production waste. We take care of collection and recycling and offer a simple and cost-effective management.

Plastic recycling

We are specialists in industrial recycling and our way of handling plastics differs little from how household plastics are handled. Plastic has great potential to be able to be recycled considerably more than it does today. If a component or product is designed and manufactured correctly from the beginning, it can be recycled and reused as new material. Since different types of plastic have different properties, they cannot be recycled together.

customized collection solutions

Most plastic types cannot be recycled together since they have different melting temperatures and properties, it is important to have the right sorting and collection, otherwise the quality of the products to be manufactured will be affected when the plastic is given new life. We help your company with the right information, knowledge and equipment for the best possible plastic recycling.


At our largest plant in southern Sweden, Stena Nordic Recycling Center, we have invested in new technology that will enable us to recover two kinds of plastic qualities. One recycling process uses a technique that converts soft plastic (LDPE) into pellets, which can then be used to make plastic bags and garbage bags. The second process cleans and atomizes plastic from electronics so that it can be used for new products.


Most plastic types can be recycled. If we assume that we have a clean and separated material, it is quite easy to recover material such as film, cans, boxes, trays and more. As a rule, the simpler the product and the construction, the easier it is to recycle.

Virtually all plastic can be recycled and in theory the same plastic can be recycled up to ten times. Ultimately, it is about supply and demand. If no one wants to buy recycled plastic, it is not sustainable to recycle it.


New EU rules

The European Commission has presented a new plastic strategy that may change how plastic products are designed, manufactured, used and recycled within the EU. Through better design of plastic products, higher recycling of plastic waste and more and better quality recycling, the market for recycled plastic will increase. This will provide greater added value that creates a more competitive and robust plastic industry. The initiative is valued at 100 million Euros and is part of Europe's transition towards a more circular economy.

Where others see waste, we see opportunities. If the plastic enters the loop for recycling - and stays there - the material lives on and creates new sustainable value every time it is recycled.

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