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Understanding the CRM Act proposal

What is a Critical Raw Material (CRM)?

In short, raw materials are deemed critical if they are essential for an important sector of the economy and there is a risk of shortage in supply (EU Commission, 2023). The most recent EU listing includes 34 strategic and critical raw materials. Criticality is based not only on "geological availability", which refers to the material amounts still present in the ground, it also considers economic, political, environmental, and social factors that affect access to raw materials. By definition, the availability of CRMs is limited – which has caused growing concerns about the long-term supply.  


Understand the intentions of the CRM Act and consider how your business can not just comply with the regulations but leverage them to enhance operational efficiency.

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Increasing demand for vital resources

Explore why critical raw materials are vital and gain insights into the projected demand trends.

Overcoming sustainable supply challenges

Understand the four primary obstacles obstructing the sustainable supply of critical raw materials.

Business Implications

Understand the proposal and the implications for your business.