What we offer

Circular product & service design

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Design for circularity

Our proprietary methodology for product design assessment includes a baseline evaluation of the product's compatibility with circularity -– whether it’s through repair, reuse or remanufacturing. We work with both product design and the systemic context of the product, such as laws and regulations, consumer behaviour, and infrastructure.

The process combines physical product disassembly followed by qualitative and quantitative analysis. As a result, you receive a roadmap of  suggested improvements, for example, what adjustments to make to facilitate repair or which materials might improve product durability. Sustainable product design goes hand in hand with new business models that allow for a closer customer relationship and long-term value creation, for example, remanufacturing – an industry projected to reach €70-100 billion in value by 2030.

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Design for recycling

Leveraging our proprietary methodology, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the product's recycling potential.

This includes estimating current recyclability and identifying challenges for increasing recycling rates. Our quantitative assessment determines the product's estimated recycling rate in the EU, while qualitative assessments scrutinize design, business models, and environment to pinpoint vulnerabilities. This way we equip businesses with actionable insights to optimize their products for enhanced recyclability and contribute to a more sustainable future.  

Examples of deliverables

Mapped overview of products’ systems, from use phase to end-of-life

Quantitative rating of products’ practical recyclability and circularity

Rated qualitative estimation of products’ recyclability and circularity

List of priorities and recommendations for enhanced product and service circularity

Roadmap for developing products, systems, and businesses towards circularity