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Why circular economy?

The Circular Economy loops

In a circular economy, a new business ecosystem emerges

A series of interconnected loops in two cycles:

The regenerative biological cycle and the restorative technical cycle. Especially the technical cycle offers significant untapped value potential due to its wide range of ways businesses to apply circular economy principles to enable recycling, refurbishing, remanufacturing, reusing, and repairing products. The impact potential increases as we move closer to the core of these loops.

Unlocking the circular economy potential

To capture this untapped value potential, circular economy practices need to be integrated into all aspects of the business. After all, it is a question of a significantly new way of doing business. Transitioning from linear to circular involves developing new long-term strategies and action-plans, redesigning business models, new products, and services.

The benefits of circular economy

Embracing the circular economy in the right way can unlock significant financial, environmental and societal benefits

Financial benefits

Financially, circular business solutions have the potential to help organizations generate new and increased revenue streams, reduce costs, and mitigates risks such as supply chain risks and regularity risks.

Environmental benefits

Environmentally, circular business solutions have the potential to enable organizations to lower their resource consumption, decrease their greenhouse gas emissions, and enable them to protect our biodiversity.

Societal benefits

For our society, a more circular economy offers immense benefits such as trillions of cost savings, significant GDP growth, positive health outcomes, avoided mass migration and conserved wildlife.

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