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Working together for sustainable manufacturing

Sustainability issues are high on SKF’s agenda. They are working towards a world with less friction. Less friction leads to reduced energy consumption globally. At Stena Recycling, we are helping SKF to achieve their ambitious sustainability goals by providing efficient recycling services. We also help SKF find sales outlets for their recycled waste and return raw materials back into circulation. Together, we close the loop and make sure that their products are not just Made in Sweden - but Re-Made in Sweden!

Arbetare konverserar i fabrik

Monitoring the whole processing chain

SKF's manufacturing processes consume large quantities of raw material. Through the right choice of these materials, there is great potential for environmental benefits.

- Our manufacturing processes consume 400,000 tonnes of steel each year and every opportunity we take to avoid the use of virgin raw material is a step in the right direction, says Elisabet Stadler, Manager Environment, Health, Safety and Export Control for SKF in Sweden.

Efficient recycling

In Göteborg, Stena Recycling recycles approximately 6,000 tonnes of different materials for SKF annually.

- Stena Recycling enables us to maintain a high level of recycling for our waste products. For example, 96% of the metal shavings that come from our grinding processes can be recycled with Stena Recycling’s help, says Elisabet Stadler.

Stena Recycling also handles hazardous waste. SKF gets great value from the fact that we not only recycle material but also transport hazardous waste in a safe manner that complies with all relevant legislation. They know what happens to their waste, as we offer complete traceability 



Analysis - of waste management, needs and challenges.

Training - correct waste sorting, environmental issues, create safety and order, help to comply with relevant legislation.

Improvements - optimize waste management, provide recycling statistics and identify potential solutions. 


Our services for the manufacturing industry

Together, we can create solutions for your waste management, no matter what waste material you have. We offer efficient, safe material handling and recycling. Our collaborations benefit the environment, leaving you free to focus on your business.

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