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Sustainable solutions for the automotive industry

Kristofer Sundsgård, CEO of Stena Recycling Group

“95% recyclability isn’t enough. We have to reach 100%. By working closely together with our partners – developing new technology, collaborating around design for recycling, and making cars easier to recycle – we can reach even higher recycling rates, saving resources and energy, and thereby a large amount of carbon dioxide.”

Kristofer Sundsgård, CEO Stena Recycling Group

Our services for more sustainable operations

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Waste collection and Recycling

Whatever the materials, whatever the quantity, we have the processes in place to deliver advanced and efficient recycling on an industrial level. We also offer flexible, reliable and cost-effective waste collection and sustainable transport solutions.

Two male Stena Recycling employees in protective gear look at a mobile phone together in a recycling facility

Total waste management

At Stena Recycling, we can take care of your waste – no matter how great the volume or complex the material. Our total waste management offer is tailored to your needs and includes waste collection, sorting and recycling as well as training, labeling and reporting.

Rows of lithium-ion batteries waiting to be recycled by Stena Recycling

Lithium-ion Battery Recycling

We sort and collect used lithium-ion batteries and battery production waste and safely transport it to our certified recycling facilities. Batteries that can’t be reused and any production waste are recycled into new high-quality raw materials.

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About Stena Circular Consulting

Our experts can help implement sustainable solutions that deliver the greatest economic and environmental value for your business. Together, we can design and develop products, process flows and business models to reduce your climate impact and help you on the way to full circularity.

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Recycling and waste management optimization

Optimizing your recycling and waste management will benefit both your business and the environment. Our complementary optimization services can systematically improve your business, while our lean business model creates completely new value.

A mechanic dismantles an end-of-life vehicle.

We collect and recycle end-of-life vehicles

Every year, millions of vehicles in Europe reach end-of-life. As the leading Scandinavian industrial recycler of end-of-life vehicles (ELV’s), we have developed a circular collaboration that offers increased knowledge and better methods for handling and utilizing all components, materials and hazardous waste found in today’s – and tomorrow’s – ELVs. We focus especially on the safe and sustainable collection, reuse and recycling of high-voltage lithium-ion batteries.

The logo of the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo Cars.

Stena Recycling and Volvo Cars – creating 100% recyclable cars

A resource-efficient automotive industry requires advanced material recycling on an industrial level and no landfill waste. Today, in collaboration with Volvo Cars, we can recycle 95% of a Volvo car. But that is no longer enough. We now want to reach 100% recyclability and set a course for a future with zero waste. But how will we get there? By working together with trusted customers and partners like Volvo Cars.

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