What we offer

Sustainable solutions for the manufacturing industry

Three unique benefits

1. Strong customer collaborations

Strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers to collaborate closely and drive innovation.

2. Deep Knowledge and investment

We have the right knowledge and expertise regarding relevant material fractions and invest heavily in future material capabilities.

3. Understanding & meeting your demands

Access to the full value chain, from inbound to outbound, ensures we meet demands from customers as well as new legislation, enhancing sustainable development.

A female participant in the Circular Voice survey  stands in a shopping centre.

Today’s consumers want more sustainable manufacturing

We wanted to find out what today’s consumers expect from the manufacturing industry when it comes to sustainable products. So, we carried out a survey of 5,000 people in five different countries.
  • 80% want manufacturers to use recycled materials in their products
  • 70% think it’s important that the products they buy can be recycled
  • 70% believe a good range of products is important to enable a sustainable lifestyle
  • 66% believe products made from recycled materials are the same quality as products made from virgin raw materials
  • 40% decided against buying products that didn’t meet their sustainability expectations
A close-up of a male participant in the Circular Voice survey

Consumers think manufacturers should take the primary role in increasing the use of recycled materials*

*The Circular Voice – a Stena Recycling survey of 5,000 consumers about attitudes towards circular products and materials

Our services for more sustainable manufacturing

A smiling female Stena Recycling employee in protective clothing talks on her mobile phone

waste collection and Recycling

Whatever the materials, whatever the quantity, we have the processes in place to deliver advanced and efficient recycling on an industrial level. We also offer flexible, reliable and cost-effective waste collection and sustainable transport solutions.
Two male Stena Recycling employees in protective gear look at a mobile phone together in a recycling facility

Total waste management

At Stena Recycling, we can take care of your waste – no matter how great the volume or complex the material. Our total waste management offer is tailored to your needs and includes waste collection, sorting and recycling as well as training, labelling and reporting.
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About Stena Circular Consulting

Our experts can help implement sustainable solutions that deliver the greatest economic and environmental value for your business. Together, we can design and develop products, process flows and business models to reduce your climate impact and help you on the way to full circularity.
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Recycling and waste management optimization

Optimizing your recycling and waste management will benefit both your business and the environment. Our complementary optimization services can systematically improve your business, while our lean business model creates completely new value.
Hands on a wooden desk with a laptop, mobile phone, plans and two jars of recycled material.

Inventing tomorrow’s recycling solutions

Together, we can develop new products from your waste and find sales outlets for your materials. We can help build sustainable resource management systems and collaborate on research projects that create innovative new solutions.
A worker in protective gear welds a piece of metal in a factory environment.

Four sustainable trends within manufacturing

  1. Waste is increasingly viewed as a valuable resource that can be used in production as a complement to virgin materials. Through a circular approach, Stena Recycling is moving more waste up the waste hierarchy and developing from leaders in waste management to a reliable resource partner that creates and supplies high-quality recycled raw materials.

  2. Smart machines and connected processes are maximizing efficiency to save time, energy and eliminate waste. These machines can also reduce costly downtime by identifying problems and predicting the need for maintenance in advance.

  3. Increasing robotization brings increased productivity and precision. The use of 3D printing is a perfect example, where new components are created with maximum precision and zero waste at high rates of productivity.

  4. As society becomes more environmentally aware and moves away from a “throw-away mentality”, the demand for reused and refurbished products is growing. To meet this demand, remanufacturing and refurbishing is increasing – reducing reliance on virgin materials and helping meet new legislation.

Working towards circularity together

At Stena Recycling, we also build circular partnerships with our customers that work along the entire value chain of materials. Our experts at Stena Circular Consulting can help you create sustainable solutions that support a circular economy, through product design and training as well as optimizing processes and material flows. These measures will help support you in your transition to climate neutrality and establishing a circular business model.

Our Research and Development department is focused on areas that are highly relevant to the manufacturing industry, including research into metals, plastics and electronics recycling. This research focuses on future solutions that will offer maximum value for your materials.

We build sustainable partnerships with our customers

The logo of the Swedish household appliance manufacturer Electrolux.

Electrolux and Stena Recycling

Together with Stena Recycling, Electrolux has developed a vacuum cleaner made of 100% recycled and reused materials. The plastic and components originate from consumers’ electronic products. The project addresses some of today’s key recycling challenges while exploring circularity in household appliances.

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