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What we offer

Unlocking the value of a circular economy

We are Stena Circular Consulting – a management consulting firm dedicated to empowering frontrunners with practical and profitable circular business solutions. The transition to a circular economy is crucial yet tough and disruptive as it challenges the status quo, and solving the business questions at the core of the transition is vital to succeed. Together with our parent company Stena Recycling Group we are in a unique position to be part of the solution.

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Why circular economy?

Change is imperative. The circular economy provides businesses with a sustainable and innovative framework to break free from the wasteful 'take-make-dispose' model of the linear economy. By adopting circular practices, companies can minimize waste, maximize resource efficiency, and gain a competitive edge while contributing to environmental preservation and meeting evolving customer expectations.

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About Stena Circular Consulting

We are a management consulting firm helping companies achieve sustainable value creation by embracing circular economy principles. With our deep circular economy expertise, commercial hands-on experience and unrivalled technical proficiency, we provide a wide range of practical and profitable circular business solutions enabling companies to create long-term value while minimizing resource consumption.

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Circular business solutions

Our circular business solutions range from helping organisations understand their potential in the circular economy and get ready for change, through developing and revising strategies and targets to incorporate circularity, to redesigning business models, products and services and implementing the change.

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Success stories & tools

By harnessing the potential of circular economy principles and leveraging our expertise, unique tools and partnerships, we have empowered clients to truly take a leap towards becoming both more sustainable and more profitable. Explore some of our cases, tools and reports. 

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Meet the team

We are a diverse and dedicated team of consultants with extensive expertise in circular economy strategy, design, innovation, and production, as well as process optimization and business development.