Close-up of a cracked windscreen being disassembled from a scrap car by using a handheld machine
What we offer

A circular collaboration concept for efficient recycling of end-of-life vehicles within the EU

How we can work together towards full ELV circularity

Two male technicians examining the finish on the left rear-view mirror on a black passenger car

Automotive OEM

Stena Recycling’s circular collaboration is an efficient solution to fulfilling the ELV directive and meeting future recycling rates – for ELVs as well as high-voltage batteries. This also ensures a good supply of quality-assured and traceable recycled raw material for the manufacture of new cars and batteries, as well as expertise in design for recycling.

Male Stena Recycling expert wearing a hardhat and reflective work jacket, climbing out of a yellow vehicle

ELV dismantling business

Stena Recycling’s circular collaboration offers increased knowledge and better methods for handling and utilizing all components and materials as well as hazardous waste – both in today’s and tomorrow’s ELVs. We focus especially on the safe and sustainable collection, reuse and recycling of high-voltage batteries. All collaboration is carried out efficiently and profitably, with the highest recycling rate.

Close-up of a grey alloy wheel covering a yellow brake caliper

Repair workshops

Stena Recycling’s circular collaboration promotes an efficient way to get access to quality-assured used car parts for today’s and tomorrow’s car models, renovated with sustainable methods and with the highest recycling rate. Collaboration is especially important in the treatment of high-voltage batteries.

Close-up of a pile of compressed car bodies

Insurance companies

Stena Recycling’s circular collaboration enables a more accurate estimate of the material value of damaged and redeemed cars, as well as increased security through safer traceability and an increased focus on sustainability. There is a clear need to deal with sustainable treatment and business models also for the insurance companies.

How we make ELV recycling more efficient

Watch our electric vehicle battery recycling

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