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Sustainable solutions for the retail industry

A complete circular partner for all your waste-related needs - Why you should work together with Stena Recycling

Today, more businesses are looking for one trusted partner to help them take care of all their waste-related needs. When you work together with Stena Recycling as your circular partner, we help your business become more sustainable through more effective circular waste management – from optimizing waste collection and increasing recycling to reducing emissions and setting sustainability goals.

With Stena Recycling as your circular partner, we can help you:

  • Increase your recycling rates and reuse more
  • Reduce your climate impact and meet legislation
  • Collect your packaging and transport waste
  • Optimize your waste collection
  • Secure a reliable source of high-quality recycled raw materials
  • Responsibly source materials
  • Ensure greater traceability
  • Safely handle and destroy confidential information
  • Set sustainability goals and KPIs
  • Design for recycling
  • Become more circular with Stena Circular Consulting
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How Stena Recycling creates the greatest value

At Stena Recycling, we offer a complete range of retail waste management services, including containers for properly sorting your waste, optimized waste collection as well as recycling on an industrial level. We can also provide a reliable source of high-quality recycled raw materials for use in the manufacturing of new products. When you work together with us, we help you set sustainability goals and KPIs as well as collect all your necessary waste data for use in your sustainability and environmental reports. But it’s not just physical waste that we deal with.

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For your business and the environment

With the growth of e-commerce, there is now a wealth of confidential information such as personal data, customer data and confidential agreements stored in end-of-life electronics and customer databases that needs to be taken care of securely and responsibly. With our confidential service, we ensure the safe handling and secure destruction of confidential or sensitive material. When you choose Stena Recycling as your circular partner, we work together so you can run your operation more sustainably, while taking care of your waste materials in a way that benefits your business and the environment.

Nespresso lifestyle


For those who drink several cups a day, it might feel good to know that the used coffee capsules are recycled and turned into new raw material at Stena Recycling. 

As a global brand, Nespresso cares about its sustainability work and therefore collects its coffee capsules for recycling in most markets. In the Nordics, Nespresso has been collaborating with Stena Recycling for a few years now. 

Our services help your business become more sustainable

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Waste collection and Recycling

Whatever the materials, whatever the quantity, we have the processes in place to deliver advanced and efficient recycling on an industrial level. We also offer flexible, reliable and cost-effective waste collection and sustainable transport solutions.

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Total waste management

At Stena Recycling, we can take care of your waste – no matter how great the volume or complex the material. Our total waste management offer is tailored to your needs and includes waste collection, sorting and recycling as well as training, labeling and reporting.

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About Stena Circular Consulting

Our experts can help implement sustainable solutions that deliver the greatest economic and environmental value for your business. Together, we can design and develop products, process flows and business models to reduce your climate impact and help you on the way to full circularity.

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Recycling and waste management optimization

Optimizing your recycling and waste management will benefit both your business and the environment. Our complementary optimization services can systematically improve your business, while our lean business model creates completely new value.

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Confidential services

Our service for confidential information guarantees the safe destruction of materials or end-of-life products that carry sensitive information. Once destroyed this information can never be re-created, but the material – paper, electronic waste, etc. can be recycled.

Current sustainability trends in the retail industry

As demands for greater sustainability grow from both consumers and lawmakers, businesses are taking action. To help build a more sustainable profile, businesses in the retail industry want:

  • One trusted partner to provide all waste-related services – from collection and recycling to taking care of confidential information
  • To reduce their CO2 emissions and their reliance on the earth’s natural resources
  • To reduce their waste and use more recycled raw materials in their products
  • To use less packaging, while the packaging they do use should be recyclable
  • Greater transparency and traceability throughout the value chain
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Consumers want the sustainable choice

We wanted to find out what today’s consumers expect from the manufacturing industry when it comes to sustainable products. So, we carried out a survey of 5,000 people in five different countries.

80% want manufacturers to use recycled materials in their products.

70% think it’s important that the products they buy can be recycled.

40% decided against buying products that didn’t meet their sustainability expectations.

*The Circular Voice – a Stena Recycling survey of 5,000 consumers about attitudes towards circular products and materials



Transforming packaging waste into a flourishing product

In Poland, the French retailer of DIY and garden supplies, Castorama, came up with a new way of using their waste plastic packaging together with Stena Recycling and Polish upcycling e-commerce platform Deko Eko. All waste plastic packaging was collected, sorted and then recycled into new raw materials, which were then used to make stylish Eco Logical flower pots for a more positive impact on gardens and the planet.

Turning process waste into planting soil

Through an innovative collaboration together with Blomsterlandet and paper producer Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Stena Recycling has developed a climate-smart planting soil made from 100% recycled material. Peat, which is usually found in planting soil, is replaced by fiber mulch, which is a waste from the paper industry. The collaboration has created a more circular product, which is better for the planet and will make gardens bloom.

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