Mats Linder on stage at Circular Initiative 2023
What we offer

About Stena Circular Consulting

Why work with us?

Deep circular economy expertise

Drawing upon our expertise from globally leading organizations, alongside our unique tools, we provide a comprehensive range of circular business solutions.

Practical technical capabilities

Our team’s technical competencies, combined with direct access to primary data, material experts, R&D insights, and testing equipment through Stena Recycling Group, enable us to secure practical solutions.

Holistic system perspective

Our expertise in facilitating co-creation between organizations, direct industry experience, and collaborative approach ensures the holistic system perspective needed to achieve circularity for real.

Stena Circular Consulting VS Stena Recycling

The team, Stena Circular Consulting, is the management consultancy arm of Stena Recycling Group. We provide strategic, independent and confidential advice to our clients through applying circular economy principles, while leveraging the deep unique expertise and advanced technologies of our parent company, Stena Recycling Group. Stena Recycling Group provides state-of-the-art recycling processes and practical waste management solutions. 

Aerial view of cars driving through a forest with vibrant autumn foliage

Our vision

We envision a future where circular business models have surpassed linear models leaving planetary systems, businesses and people becoming regenerative forces that create a sustainable and resilient economy. Stena Circular Consulting aims to help catalyze the transition towards this vision.