What we offer

Circular electronics

Four unique benefits

1. We take care of everything

All you have to do is place your used electronics in one of our secure cabinets. We take care of the rest – from collection and data deletion to reuse or recycling.

2. Complete security and peace of mind

Before reuse or recycling, we guarantee that all confidential information from your used electronics is securely deleted in a way that is GDPR compliant.

3. Fully traceable every step of the way

You can track your used electronic products from your premises to our facility. Any reused or recycled materials are then documented to ensure that they are fully traceable.

4. Everything goes back into the loop

End-of-life electronic products or components that can’t be reused are recycled. All recycled material is then used in the manufacturing of new products.

A close-up of a hand holding a piece of waste electronics

How we give your electronic waste a second life

1. Collect & Transport

Used electronics are collected, transported and sorted.

2. Test & delete information

Products are labeled for traceability, tested for reuse and data destroyed.

3. Refurbish or recycle

Functioning products & components are refurbished. Otherwise, the material is recycled.

4. Ready for reuse

Restored products and components are packed for reuse.

A close-up of a hand holding a mobile phone as the light shines from the phone screen


Before we can collect, assess and eventually reuse your end-of-life electronics, we need your help to properly prepare them. So, before collection:
  • Unlock all devices with passwords (BIOS, MDM/DEP).
  • Turn off “Find my iPhone” function and delete all cloud services.
  • Include all device accessories, e.g. cables.
A blue, lockable Stena Recycling transport cabinet use for transporting electronic waste

Packing and transportation

All used electronic waste must be packed in one of our lockable transport cabinets with GPS tracking – you can either pack them yourself or hire us to do it for you. We then collect the transport cabinet, or you can send it as a trackable shipment. As soon as your product arrives at our facility, it is labeled and given an ID number, so it can be followed throughout the process.
Two female Stena Recycling experts in hi-vis protective gear.

Electronic waste assessment

All used or end-of-life electronics we receive from you are assessed manually by our experts at our Circular electronics department at Stena Nordic Recycling Center. Using a grading system, we rigorously check each used electronic product and its accessories to see whether it is safe and in the right condition to be reused.
A Stena Recycling customer works on a laptop while holding a mobile phone

Secure deletion of confidential information

To make sure that your confidential information such as codes and passwords don’t fall into the wrong hands, our experts use Blancco software to guarantee that all hard drives, Flash memories, hardware and software are securely erased in a way that is GDPR compliant. Once the process is complete, you receive a certificate proving safe and secure deletion.
A Stena Recycling expert wearing protective gloves sorts a container of used mobile phones


Once your used or end-of-life electronics have been assessed and all confidential information securely deleted, they are prepared for reuse. The product is refurbished and any scratches or blemishes are removed so the product looks like new. In cases where a complete product doesn’t work, functioning components are removed, refurbished and reused, e.g. graphics cards and screens.
Two female Stena Recycling experts in hi-vis protective gear work in a Stena Recycling facility

Recycling and hazardous waste

If, after testing, our experts decide that a product is unfit for reuse, it is professionally dismantled. Any metals, plastics, batteries or other essential components are sorted and then recycled into new high-quality raw materials for use in new products. Any hazardous waste is safely disposed of at Stena Nordic Recycling Center – one of Europe’s leading recycling facilities.
A Stena Recycling expert goes through an environmental report with two Stena Recycling customers.

Complete product report

Within 30 days of us receiving your used electronics, you will be sent a complete report that contains, among other things, information about your products. The report contains:
  • An environmental diploma with information on how much CO2 your submitted used electronics have saved – this information is useful for your KPIs and sustainability reports.
  • An estimated value for your product based on performance and condition.
  • How profit is shared and our costs for handling the product.
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