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What we offer

Waste collection and recycling

Three unique benefits

1. Recycling – whatever volume or complexity

We can recycle your waste material safely and efficiently – no matter how great the volume or how complex the materials are.

2. Optimized waste collection

We optimize your waste collection times to suit your operations and provide safe, sustainable transport solutions.

3. Reduce your emissions

Our recycling and waste collection services increase efficiency and recycling, while reducing emissions and transport costs.

Our services to optimize your recycling and waste collection

Some of the advanced recycling processes in action at Stena Nordic Recycling Center.

Advanced recycling on an industrial level

At Stena Recycling, we have the advanced recycling processes in place to take care of your waste material – safely, efficiently and on an industrial level. We can recycle even the most complex materials with high recyclng rates and reduce your environmental impact.

A smiling Stena Recycling employee in an office.

We create unique sales opportunities

At Stena Recycling, we work directly with our wide and trusted network. Our network spans more than 30 countries and includes steel mills, foundries, ironworks, paper mills, plastics manufacturers and more. Whatever the quantity or complexity of the material or the economic situation, our network creates unique sales opportunities and helps us find the ideal waste management solution for you.

A female Stena Recycling employee driving a waste collection truck talks with a male colleague standing nearby.

Optimized pick-up and transport

As part of our total waste management service, we optimize waste collection and transport of your waste material. We arrange regular and reliable collection times that best suit your needs, before transporting the waste safely and responsibly to one of our certified recycling facilities. We have a number of facilities in each country that we operate – this means we are always close to your source of waste, which reduces your transport costs and emissions.

Two blue Stena Recycling waste collection containers – one labelled for cardboard waste.

Correct labelling of containers

The correct labelling of waste material is essential for both sorting, safety and ensuring your business operates according to all applicable laws. Our experts at Stena Recycling can help you correctly label your waste containers. This will not only provide peace of mind, it will also increase safety and facilitate sorting for your workers responsible for waste management.

Two male Stena Recycling employees in protective gear look at a mobile phone together in a recycling facility

Take your waste management to the next level

At Stena Recycling, we can take care of your waste – no matter how great the volume or complex the material.

Our total waste management offer is tailored to your needs and includes waste collection, sorting and recycling as well as training, labeling and reporting. Our total waste management offer also includes equipment rental and outsourcing of Stena Recycling experts.

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