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Waste plastic recycling, collecting and sorting

Why choose Stena Recycling for plastic recycling

1. CERTIFIED industrial recycler

Stena Recycling is a certified recycler approved by EUCertPlastic.

2. Extensive network of suppliers and buyers

Whether your company is a commercial user of plastic products or a plastic producer, you can benefit from our extensive network.

3. Traceable raw materials

We apply a local collection and recycling of plastic to enable traceability for the raw material produced.

Recycling expert dressed in reflective work clothes, wearing a hardhat, hearing protection and protective glasses, passing a plastic recycling machine.

Let us find the hidden value in your waste plastic

Your plastic waste can bring you revenue instead of costs - and become a valuable recycled raw material - if properly managed. Let us find the best way to ensure that you collect, sort and process your plastic waste properly, so that most of your plastic can be recycled and live on as a raw material for new climate-smart products.

We handle all kinds of plastic waste, and we have a network of buyers of raw material from plastic recycling, which you can benefit from.

A leading provider of high-quality raw material from recycled waste plastic

Using recycled plastic to produce new products is an excellent way for your business to be part of the circular economy and improve your sustainability KPIs. We can supply you with a steady flow of quality-assured, recycled raw material for all common sorts of thermoplastics, according to your specifications.

Stena Recycling is a certified recycler approved by EUCertPlastic. We offer full transparency and traceability for the plastic raw material we deliver. As a leading industrial recycler and circular partner, we can also guide you in designing your future products to enable an even higher recycling rate.

How waste plastic becomes new recycled raw materials

1. Collection

We collect different plastics from production waste, end-of-life products and packaging.

2. Separation

In the case of complex plastic streams, they must be separated using advanced recycling processes.

3. Washing

All recyclable plastic is separated out, washed and extruded.

4. Granulation

We produce granules, small plastic pellets, which become a new circular and climate-smart raw material.

5. Use

The recycled plastic can be used in new products depending on the type (automotive components, electronics, packaging, bins, pipes, etc.)

An innovative approach to plastic recycling 

At our largest plant in southern Sweden - Stena Nordic Recycling Center - we have developed new technologies to recycle different plastic qualities. One recycling process uses a technique that converts soft plastic (LDPE) into pellets, which can then be used to make plastic bags and garbage bags. Another process cleans and atomizes plastic from electronics so that it can be used for new products. 

Three trends within waste plastic recycling

Recycling expert wearing a hardhat with Stena Recycling logo, examining a container with recycled plastic.

Protecting material values

Some plastics can be as expensive as precious metals to purchase in manufacturing. It is important to preserve valuable material properties. Through our service, recycling processes and sales opportunities, we make sure to reduce your loss of material value. This is key to support a circular economy.

High-quality plastic pellets made from recycled plastic, ready to be used as raw material in new plastic products.

More use of recycled plastics

Recycled plastics have a significantly lower carbon footprint than plastics made from virgin fossil materials. Many companies have set ambitious targets for increasing the use of recycled plastics in their products. Stena Recycling produces large quantities of recycled plastic. Contact us and we can explore your potential.

Hands wearing work gloves opening the lid of a blue plastic recycling bin.

From waste to circular products

More and more companies are setting high ambitions and targets for their use of recycled material. Sustainable plastics management has an important role to play. With our services, recycling process expertise, you get support to move plastics up the waste hierarchy, from incineration to recycling.


Ballograf logotype

Ballograf and Stena Recycling

The famous pen brand Ballograf uses recycled hard plastic in a special edition of the classic ballpoint pen Epoca. The plastic has been recycled from end-of-life electronics at Stena Recycling. “High quality made changing materials easy. It is an important step to reduce our climate impact and there is great interest among customers” says Mattias Holm, marketing manager at Ballograf.

Volvo logotype

Volvo Cars and Stena Recycling

Recycled plastic bumpers from cars become new high-quality plastic material for license plate holders through the cross-sector project "The Sign". The project includes leading players such as Volvo Cars, Motorbranschens Riksförbund, Jönköpings Bildemontering, If skadeförsäkring, RISE, Formac, Stena Recycling and Mobility Sweden.

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