What we offer

Circular recycling solutions for infrastructure projects

A leading industrial recycler and circular partner for infrastructure projects

Our core competence is to take care of any construction waste material and turn it into a valuable resource. But that’s not all: working with us in infrastructure, you’ll get a turnkey end-to-end solution, provided by a team of circular solution experts, hand-picked for your specific project.

Our cross-functional way of working ensures that all stages in your project are covered from the start – from planning, material inventory and legal aspects to logistics and material recycling or reuse. We always take care of your materials in the best way to create circular material flows, enabling reuse or recycling.

Our infrastructure solutions

Landscape with power line poles stretching over a yellow rape field under a blue sky

Power, energy and telecom

Ensuring a robust energy supply and efficient telecommunications are strategic issues high on the agenda throughout Europe. Stena Recycling has long experience of working in this type of infrastructure. With us as a partner, you can be sure that your project is carried out with full focus on circularity, efficiency and profitability.

Railway viaduct with power lines


The railway network is now being upgraded and rebuilt in many European countries. Taking care of old rails and sleepers is one of Stena Recycling’s special areas. Every year, we recycle thousands of tonnes for our customers, with efficient logistics along the line.

Two demolition experts dressed in hardhats and protective jackets


When you need a circular partner for your demolition project, Stena Recycling is ready to take on the job. Whether it’s about removing an old production line in a factory, dismantling the steel beams in a warehouse, or handling the numerous waste fractions from the demolition of a city office building, you can count on our expertise.

Silhouette of construction workers on top of a scaffolding, casting a concrete pillar


Construction projects generate large amounts of waste material, mainly from the production and packaging. Smart collection systems are key for keeping all the different fractions sorted and separated efficiently to allow for the highest recycling rate. Stena Recycling offers efficient solutions that don’t disturb the production.

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