What we offer

Collecting, sorting, reusing and recycling electronic waste

How we recycle and reuse your electronic waste

1. Collect

We collect electronic waste including mobile phones, flat screens, computers, small appliances, refrigerators, air conditioners and more.

2. Recycle or reuse

As well as recycling electronic waste we also reuse functioning products and components to extend product life and make the best use of resources.

3. Remove hazardous waste

Manual disassembly and decontamination. Batteries, components with mercury, PCB capacitors and other hazardous waste is safely taken care of.

4. Automated sorting

Metals and stainless steel are sorted by size. Plastics are sorted into bromine and non-bromine. Wet tables sort precious metals, while camera technology sorts certain metals and components.

5. Create new high-quality raw materials

Together, we close the loop and ensure that used products are recycled responsibly and become a climate-smart resource for new products.

Why choose Stena Recycling to take care of your electronic waste

At Stena Recycling, we have over 30 years of experience in recycling and reusing electronic waste. We have been a leading electronics recycler in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland and Italy since 1992 – long before the EU's WEEE Directive* came into force. We have the advanced processes in place to recycle over 90% of all electronics and we have the expertise and methods required to remove hazardous waste safely and sustainably. 

When you work together with Stena Recycling, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience we have gained from working with thousands of other customers in recycling electronics. With our range of electronic recycling and reuse services and processes, we can create new value for your business.

*Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Discover how we take recycling and reuse to the next level at Stena Nordic Recycling Center

Our services for effective electronic waste recycling and reuse

Stena Recycling offers a complete range of market-leading services, recycling processes and equipment to help you increase your electronic waste recycling and reuse.

A claw crane lifts two scrap washing machines from a large pile of electronic waste in a scrap yard.

Recycling your electronic products

Small appliances including vacuum cleaners, toasters, coffee machines, electric toothbrushes and more.
IT equipment including computers, printers, mainframes, mobile phones, storage devices and more.
Flat screens including TVs and monitors and more.
Refrigerators (household and commercial), freezers, insulation panels, air conditioners and more.

Used circuit boards safely stored in a container and ready to be recycled.

Containers and collection to suit your needs

We offer a wide range of containers for the safe collection and storage of different types of electronic waste. We also offer regular and reliable collection and safe transportation of your electronic waste to our recycling facilities for safe dismantling and sorting.

A collection of small batteries ready to be recycled or reused by Stena Recycling

We dismantle and destroy all your hazardous waste

All hazardous waste is removed by our specially trained experts at one of our certified recycling facilities. Products with hazardous waste including batteries, components with mercury, PCB capacitors and more are taken care of using safe methods.

Components from used electronics ready to be reused or recycled by Stena Recycling.

Reuse of your functioning components

Some electronic waste contains components that can be reused again and again. We either take functional components for use in new electronic products or recycle whole, functional electronics products, e.g. monitors, memory cards, SSD hard drives, graphics cards and more. We also ensure safe deletion of all confidential information.

A pile of laptop computers ready to be reused or recycled by Stena Recycling.

Secure handling of confidential information

We have many years of experience in collecting, destroying and deleting confidential material from used electronic equipment safely and securely. We offer various solutions that eliminate the risk of spreading sensitive information in storage media as well as functioning and obsolete electronics. This protects your business and helps you comply with current GDPR legislation.

A used vacuum cleaner is inspected using one of Stena Recycling's automatic sorting processes.

Advanced recycling and reuse processes to create new value for you

At Stena Nordic Recycling Center, our investment in new processes and technology has resulted in a recycling rate of over 90% for all electronic products. We also invest in advanced sensor technology and work with recycling plastics in used electronics.

Where does your electronic waste end up?

We offer a wide range of quality-assured raw materials that are sold to our selected partners around the world for use in the manufacturing of new products, including new electronics. These partners can be steel mills, smelters, foundries, plastics manufacturers or other manufacturers. Together, we ensure that your electronic waste is recycled and becomes a valuable, high-quality resource for new products.

Waste from used electronics ready to be recycled by Stena Recycling.

Four trends within electronic waste recycling

  • Automation and digitalization are causing more electronic waste in industry and trade
  • External demands are constantly increasing – in legislation, from authorities, from customers and from consumers.
  • Electronic waste often contains sensitive, confidential information. The need for secure solutions to destroy or delete sensitive information in electronics is growing. We have solutions for the secure handling of confidential information.
  • There is growing interest in reusing functioning products and components to extend the product life of electronics and to make the best use of resources.

Read more about our reuse processes

Do you need recycled raw materials for your production?

Stena Metal International AB sells processed ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless metals, collected and processed from Stena Recycling’s operations in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Poland. We also sell metals recovered from electronic recycling. As part of Stena Recycling Group, we ensure that all metals we sell are processed, inspected and returned back into the loop in a way that guarantees the highest possible quality. With our wide range of recycled raw materials, we can meet your specific needs and help you reduce your CO2 emissions.

Interested in buying recycled raw materials?

Did you know?

Around 10 million tonnes of electronic waste is produced each year in 28 EU countries plus Norway and Switzerland.

A single mercury ampoule from a coffee maker can contaminate a small lake so you cannot fish anymore.

By investing in the latest technology at Stena Nordic Recycling Center, we have succeeded in achieving a recycling rate of 90% on average for all electronic waste.

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