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Building a strong, caring culture together

At Stena Recycling, as part of Stena Metall Group, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable society, both through the circular solutions we provide, but also in how we conduct our business. Below, you can read all about our company’s sustainability ambitions, including how we create sustainable value for our customers, optimize our use of resources, and build a strong work culture based on care for each other. 

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Value creation

We strive to create the greatest possible value for business owners, our customers, our partners and society. This also means creating long-term sustainable value that future generations will benefit from.
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Care for the environment

Society is facing major challenges to cope with climate change. We have a structured, long-term strategy to continuously optimize how we use resources and contribute to a more sustainable society.
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Care for people

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to grow and take responsibility in their role. We also believe value is added when people with different skills and backgrounds are part of the team. This is our culture.
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Care for sustainable business

We want to build responsible relationships with our employees, customers, partners and the world around us. Our Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct for Business Partners ensures our relationships are built on integrity and respect.
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UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals identify key areas businesses must focus on in the transition to sustainable societies. Our strategic sustainability work helps us work towards these goals, so we can contribute to a more equal society and a sustainable future.
An aerial shot of a Stena Line ferry docked at Gothenburg harbour.

UN Global Compact

In March 2022, Stena Metall Group signed up to the UN Global Compact initiative, which encourages companies to adopt socially and environmentally sustainable strategies and report regularly on their progress.
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Sustainability report

Stena Metall Group publishes an annual sustainability report, which describes our strategic sustainability work in three areas: care for the environment, care for people, and care for sustainable business.
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Green Financing

Green bonds offer opportunities to invest in projects with a clear sustainability profile. We can finance and refinance projects within the Stena Metall Group that strengthen our sustainability agenda and contribute to the circular transition.
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