Two male Stena Recycling employees in protective gear look at a mobile phone together in a recycling facility.
What we offer

Total waste management

Three unique benefits

1. Suits your needs

A complete waste management system designed to suit your needs.

2. Recycling – whatever volume or complexity

We take care of all waste material – whatever the quantity or the complexity.

3. Reduce your emissions

Together, we can increase your efficiency and reduce your environmental impact.

Our services for more effective waste management

With our total waste management offer, you choose the services to suit your business. Based on years of experience and expertise, the services included in our offer are not only designed to take care of everyday problems like waste collection and sorting. They are also designed to help you optimize your processes, so you can reduce waste, increase recycling and move towards a circular business model that brings the greatest benefits for your business and the environment.

Three Stena Recycling employees in protective, hi-vis gear look at a clipboard beside a scrap collection container.

We find the services to suit you

Our first step is to look at the types and quantities of waste generated by your operations. We then take this information and combine it with our years of industry experience and expertise to design a complete waste management system that suits your specific needs, including containers, sorting systems, waste collection and transport, recycling and more.

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We create unique sales opportunities

At Stena Recycling, we work directly with our wide and trusted network of expert partners. Our network spans more than 30 countries and includes steel mills, foundries, ironworks, paper mills, plastics manufacturers and more. Whatever the quantity or complexity of the material or the economic situation, our network creates unique sales opportunities and helps us find the ideal waste management solution for you.

A close-up of a Stena Recycling expert's hands as they hold material ready for recycling.

Working towards circularity

At Stena Recycling, our goal is full circularity. So, when we handle your waste, we always look for the best way to return it back into circulation – whether that’s via recycling or reuse. By working towards a circular economy, we can reduce your costs as well as your environmental impact.

A female Stena Recycling employee driving a waste collection truck talks with a male colleague standing nearby.

Optimized pick-up and transport

As part of our total waste management service, we optimize waste collection and transport of your waste material. We arrange regular and reliable collection times that best suit your needs, before transporting the waste safely and responsibly to one of our certified recycling facilities. We have a number of facilities in each country that we operate – this means we are always close to your source of waste, which reduces transport costs and emissions.

Three blue Stena Recycling waste collection containers placed in a row against a wall.

Container rental

Effective waste management begins with the safe storage and proper sorting of your waste. We offer a wide range of containers – from scrap containers and containers for waste segregation to containers for the safe storage of hazardous waste. We recommend the best containers for your needs based on the types of waste material you have as well as the quantity and the size of your facility. Everything to ensure the most effective waste management without interfering with your current operations.

A male Stena Recycling employee in hi-vis protective gear climbs out of a forklift truck next to a scrap collection container.

Equipment rental

To help you effectively manage your budget, as well as your waste, we offer a wide range of rental equipment including balers, press containers, briquetting machines and more. The right equipment can significantly reduce your waste, transport costs and emissions. Leasing equipment from Stena Recycling means that you are always guaranteed the highest quality plus you don’t have to worry about maintenance and repair costs.

A female Stena Recycling expert in hi-vis protective gear.

Outsourcing of waste handling personnel

Sometimes a business can benefit from a more hands-on approach. This is why we offer individual experts or teams of professionals trained by Stena Recycling to work together with businesses on their site. As well as offering expert knowledge and guidance, our experts can take care of everything from sorting and collecting to arranging collection and preparing documentation. Outsourcing is an effective way to save time and money.

A female Stena Recycling employee wearing a white shirt with Gothenburg – home of Stena Recycling –  in the background.

One point of contact

At Stena Recycling, we like to really get to know our customers as it helps us understand their needs – both now and for the future. This is why we assign our customers with their own dedicated Stena Recycling advisor. Your advisor is responsible for all operational business matters relating to your waste as well as working to continuously improve your processes. With one point of contact, you will always know who to turn to.

Two blue Stena Recycling waste collection containers – one labelled for cardboard waste.

Correct labelling of containers

The correct labelling of waste material is essential for both sorting, safety and ensuring your business operates according to all applicable laws. Our experts at Stena Recycling can help you correctly label your waste containers. This will not only provide peace of mind, it will also increase safety and facilitate sorting for your workers responsible for waste management.

A close-up of a Stena Recycling employee's hand as they work at a laptop in an office.

Environmental services and reporting

As part of our total waste management offer, we provide environmental services to ensure that our customers meet their obligations under environmental protection law. Our environmental services include keeping records, preparing reports, contacting the relevant authorities and more.

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Sustainable industry solutions

At Stena Recycling, we have a wide range of services and solutions to help your business become more sustainable.

Whatever industry you work in – retail, manufacturing, municipalities, infrastructure, processing, end-of-life-vehicles or automotive – explore our industry pages and discover the right sustainable solutions for you.

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