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Paper and cardboard recycling

Three reasons to choose us for your paper and cardboard recycling

1. Efficient collection

2. Increased recycling rate

3. Optimal sales value

1. Efficient collection

We offer a complete range of containers and compactors to collect and transport bulky paper in the most resource efficient way. This helps you save time, space and costs.

2. Increased recycling rate

We can educate your employees to correctly sort paper and cardboard. This will prevent paper and corrugated cardboard from being incinerated and increase your recycling rate.

3. Optimal sales value

You will benefit from our global network of buyers. This means we always find the most suitable buyer for your recycled paper and cardboard waste and can always offer competitive prices.

How recycled paper and cardboard become new raw materials

1. Suitable containers

We collect your paper and cardboard in suitable containers for sorting, storage and safe transportation.

2. Compaction

If needed, it is compacted for more efficient storage and transport.

3. Quality control

At our certified facilities your paper and cardboard is sorted, packaged and quality assured.

4. Global sales

The recycled paper and cardboard is sold as new raw material on the global market.

5. Reduced footprint

This raw material is used in new products with a reduced climate footprint.

Shredded stationery paper for recycling

Market price variations for recycled paper

All commodity prices are volatile, and this also applies to paper for recycling. Contact us and we’ll tell you about the current price levels for paper and corrugated cardboard.

Trends within paper and cardboard recycling

More volatile market prices

Prices can vary greatly when it comes to paper for recycling. With our global network of buyers, we can always find the best buyer for your paper and cardboard, regardless of price fluctuation.

Reducing your climate footprint

Many companies set ambitious sustainability goals to increase their use of circular materials – both in products and packaging. Paper and cardboard recycling can make a big difference in reducing the climate footprint. At Stena Recycling, we ensure a high recycling rate for your paper and cardboard.

Did you know?

Paper is ideal for recycling on a large scale. About half of the world's paper production is based on recycled materials.

92-94% of all paper we handle is raw material for new products with a lower climate impact.

Paper fiber can be recycled on average 7 times.

When used as raw material, recycled paper reduces energy consumption by around 50% compared with virgin material. This significantly reduces climate impact.

One tonne of recycled paper saves up to 14 mature trees.

Recycled paper is used in the manufacture of, for example, corrugated cardboard, packaging, newsprint and hygiene paper.

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