About us


The Stena Recycling Group management, key operatives and board of directors.

Group Management

Kristofer Sundsgård

Kristofer Sundsgård

Chief Executive Officer

Sandra Sallander

Chief Financial Officer

Maria Lindqvist

Chief Human Resources Officer

Katarina Cornelius

Director Sales & Business Development

Mats Ottosson

Director Production & Logistics

Fredrik Overgaard

Director Research and Development

Thomas Andersson

Senior Advisor

Our markets

Tobias Narvinger

Tobias Narvinger

Managing Director Sweden

Mattias Rapaport

Managing Director Stena Metal International

Max Trandem

Managing Director Norway
Henrik Grand Petersen

Henrik Grand Petersen

Managing Director Denmark
Olli Kellokumpu

Olli Kellokumpu

Managing Director Finland

Lars Ibsen

Managing Director Poland
Arne Seeger

Arne Seeger

Managing Director Germany

Giuseppe Piardi

Managing Director Italy