What we offer

Expert demolition services and building waste removal

Why choose Stena Recycling?

You can confidently leave all your waste management to us – including circularity issues, legal accountability, and processing – and focus on your project.

1. You get a partner with a circular business mindset

We care for your resources, and we also care for your business. We see your waste as a valuable asset. With our advanced methods, we can reuse and recycle it to create the greatest value for your business.

2. We manage all fractions of waste

We’ll make sure that all of your demolition and construction waste - including hazardous fractions - is handled efficiently and in accordance with all regulations.

3. We solve the decontamination

If needed, we carry out decontamination in locations where we identify hazardous waste. We also take care of asbestos, PCB and similar construction materials.

Construction and demolition waste management services

At Stena Recycling, we offer a range of waste management services – from managing your waste on site to procurement. We can even take care of your entire project from start to finish.

Large blue steel container with Stena Recycling logotype, placed in a factory yard

Level 1: Waste management on site

We provide an on-site solution for the efficient collecting, sorting and storing of all fractions of your demolition and construction waste. We also make sure to reuse or recycle all materials in the best way for your business and the environment.

Cropped close-up image of a laptop on an office desk with the user’s forearm sleeves visible behind it

Level 2: Responsible for procurement

We take the responsibility for procuring your demolition project to ensure that you get the best contract with optimal material flows in accordance with all relevant regulations.

Female recycling expert looking into the camera, dressed in a reflective work jacket and hardhat

Level 3: General contractor

We carry out the entire demolition planning, implementation and waste management operations for your project, from preparation to finish.

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