Disposed waste oil ready to be recycled as hazardous waste.
What we offer

Hazardous waste - safe disposal and recycling

Three reasons to choose us for your hazardous waste disposal

1. Flexible solutions

We refine the waste in our own treatment plants and deliver to final treatment or recipient. We offer flexible solutions with a wide network of global partners.

2. Reporting

We help you report the handling of hazardous waste to the authorities. This cuts paperwork and ensures that reporting is made according to current laws and requirements.

3. Get further

We take it further to help you climb the waste hierarchy, ensuring that more of hazardous waste can be recycled to valuable resources. Challenge us!

A bundle of disposed fluorescent tubes ready to be recycled as hazardous waste.

How your hazardous waste can become new recycled material

1. Expert analysis

Our experts analyze your hazardous waste to get an overview and plan the right measures for you.

2. Right container

We propose the right container for your hazardous waste and training for your employees.

3. Safe transport

We label the containers correctly to prevent risks and secure safe and legal transport.

4. Efficient processes

Our processes ensure that as much waste as possible is reused or recycled.

5. New use

Your hazardous waste becomes a resource for manufacturing new products. For example, waste oil, glycol and solvents.

Related services

Two blue steel barrels containing hazardous waste for recycling

Containers for hazardous waste

We offer a wide range of purpose-built containers for safe and efficient collection and transport of all kinds of hazardous waste.

A Stena Recycling expert dressed in hardhat and reflective work jacket checking the safety label on a blue steel barrel containing hazardous waste for recycling.

Sorting and classification of hazardous waste

Our specialists can visit your business to identify, sort, classify, package, label and transport your hazardous waste for recycling.

Two Stena Recycling experts dressed in hardhats and safety glasses, discussing safety advice.

Safety advice for hazardous waste

Our safety advisors help you ensure that your hazardous waste management fulfils all legal requirements.

A dark-haired female recycling expert holding a whiteboard marker while educating a class

Environmental training

We offer complete environmental training courses for your staff on all levels, from basic and general to specific and practical.

Two recycling experts dressed in hardhats and reflective work clothes entering a warehouse containing heaps of recycled material.

Outsourcing of waste management

We can handle all - or part of - your waste management, which allows you to focus more resources on your core business.

A blonde female recycling expert looking into the camera, smiling.

Reporting your hazardous waste to authorities

We help you write the reports to ensure it’s carried out in accordance with current laws and requirements.

A close-up of a Stena Recycling customer working on their mobile phone.

Optimization of recycling and hazardous waste management

Optimizing your waste streams is good starting point for your journey towards circular production and circular processes.

A male employee works in an office environment.

Stena Customer Portal

Our Customer Portal provides the data and statistics you need for a complete overview of your waste management.

Outlook and trends within hazardous waste

  • More and more registered chemicals are classified as hazardous waste and legal requirements are increasing.
  • Over the next five years, the amount of hazardous waste is expected to increase by 40% from companies, households and healthcare.
  • Stricter legislation places ever stricter demands on companies. An example of this is the law on the obligation to take notes, a reporting based on an EU directive. The legislation affects everyone who produces, transports, collects, treats and brokers or trades in hazardous waste.
  • A strong waste economy is becoming increasingly important for companies.

Did you know?

Stena Recycling handles over 500,000 tonnes of hazardous waste every year.

Hazardous waste may consist of solid, liquid or gaseous substances.

Examples of products classified as hazardous waste: mobile phones, light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, cooling furniture, batteries and more.

Examples of waste materials classified as hazardous waste: cleaning agents, solvents, waste oil, lubricating oil, paint, glue and more.

Contaminated water can be purified and released into the sea again - we have the treatment methods.

Waste oil and other oily waste can be recycled into lubricating oil and fuel products.

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