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Creating greater circular value across borders

Recycled copper granulates

Circular flows throughout your value chain

At Stena Recycling, we want to help you work towards 100% circularity. Our holistic approach covers the entire value chain. We can support you in everything from choice of materials and product design to providing a reliable supply of high-quality raw materials. We can also help with more efficient material flows, efficient scrap collection solutions and innovative recycling processes that increase recycling rates.

Recycled plastic pellets

Get maximum value from your recycled waste

The value you get from your recycled waste depends on the quality, the volume and the cost of the process. It also depends on how much customers are willing to pay for high-quality recycled raw material. At Stena Recycling, we constantly improve our recycling processes to optimize quality and recycling rates. We also strive to ensure competitive market prices through our trusted global distribution network.

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Proximity to our circular services and expertise

You’re never far from a Stena Recycling facility that is ready to serve your business. Today, we have 160 certified facilities in seven countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Poland and Italy. In each facility, you’ll find the expertise and circular solutions you need – solutions that have already helped more than 100,000 Stena Recycling customers from all over the world.

Conveyor belt transporting material inside Stena Nordic Recycling Center

Innovative solutions enabled by volume and investment

At Stena Recycling, we recycle six million tonnes of waste every year. Working with such large volumes allows us to continuously develop innovative new processes – especially when it comes to complex waste streams. At Stena Nordic Recycling Center – one of Europe’s leading recycling plants – we can extract the maximum value from your waste material. We then transform it into high-quality raw material that meets the industry’s quality requirements.

Stena Recycling expert examining a container with recycled plastic

Increasingly higher recycling rates

We’ll never stop improving your recycling rates. Our innovations in new recycling technology have led to a 30% increase in total recycling rates since the inauguration of Stena Nordic Recycling Center in 2016. And our work has only just begun.

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