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Made to be Re-Made

A unique collaboration

Together with Electrolux, we began a close collaboration where the goal was to create a 100% recyclable vacuum cleaner made from 100% recycled plastic. Something no one has accomplished as we know of.

Smart from the start

When it comes to successfully achieving sustainable manufacturing, the biggest challenge is to start seeing design, production and recycling as a whole – not as separate flows. This was just one of many important insights that we discovered in our collaboration with Electrolux.

Plastic is fantastic

Handled in the right way, plastic can become a circular material. The process is already technically possible, but getting there isn’t so easy. So, our collaboration with Electrolux is also about leading the way and showing the benefits when two industries can work together successfully.

Long service life left in used parts

Materials and components come directly from our advanced recycling facility Stena Nordic Recycling Center in Halmstad, Sweden.

The recycled plastic is of very high quality. We have also discovered that lots of components taken from discarded electrical appliances have a long service life left. Of all the vacuum cleaner motors tested in the project, the majority had 80 percent service life left. Cord reels and indicators for vacuum cleaner bags are examples of other components that can often be reused.

Developed and assembled in Sweden

The team behind this successful project includes sustainability experts, engineers, and product designers. Both the production of new parts from recycled plastic and the assembly of the entire vacuum cleaner have taken place in Sweden.

The plan now is to test the model to optimize its functionality and service life in everyday use. It has already undergone the same laboratory tests as mass-produced vacuum cleaners, which has given us important insights.

We have reached the first goal of our journey towards 100%. Stay tuned for the sequel!

The entire vacuum cleaner is made from recycled plastic from post-consumer products and re-used parts.

Follow the collaboration in 6 steps

Stena Circular Consulting has in partnership with Electrolux, produced a vacuum cleaner prototype. A completely recyclable prototype, that’s been put together from 100 percent reused components and recycled materials.

Step 1: Let's collaborate to succeed!

Let's collaborate to succeed!

Step #1 – Starting your circular business isn’t that hard. Yes, there are some challenges. And yes, you need to have a clear business target. But if you find others to collaborate with, you’ve already gotten to a good start.
Step 2: Experts setting the scope

Experts setting the scope

Step #2 – Always make sure that your circular collaboration is tangible, with easy to reach-targets. In the startup part of the process, it’s more important to make sure you will find mutual benefits, than to solve all problems at once.
Step 3: Reusing components is possible

Reusing components is possible

Step #3 – There are plenty of ready-to-use components in much of the electronic waste we dispose of. These components sometimes have more than 80 percent of their service life left, even if the product they were in reached its end-of-life.
Step 4: Premium circular raw material

Premium circular raw material

Step #4 – Making sure that the recycled materials are high-grade enough for new use is essential. This way, they can easily replace the virgin materials, thus supporting a circular economy. And save resources for the companies involved.
Step 5: Components of 100% recycled material

Components of 100% recycled material

Step #5 – High-quality recycled material gives high-quality new components. And helps to maintain a fully functioning manufacturing process. This ensures that the producing companies can put their brand on the products produced.
Step 6: Prototyping your insights

Prototyping your insights

Step #6 – Developing a prototype of a circular product provides a wealth of insights. This is one of the conclusions from the Electrolux’ and Stena Recycling’s development of a 100 % recycled and recyclable vacuum cleaner. Insights that you can take to the next level.
Climate smart in a classic pen

Climate smart in a classic pen

In a special edition, Ballograf's classic ballpoint pen Epoca is re-made from recycled plastic from electronic waste.
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