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Recycling lithium-ion batteries from electronics

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Future of battery recycling

Future of battery recycling

The number of battery-powered products being manufactured around the world is accelerating at a rapid pace. Batteries now power our everyday lives - from smart devices and home appliances to power tools and electric cars.
Recycling of small lithium-ion batteries | Stena Recycling

Recycling lithium-ion batteries from electronics

Find out how small batteries from all types of electrical products are recycled at the Stena Nordic Recycling Center. In the sorting process, the batteries are separated and, ultimately, become resources for new batteries.
Taking care of batteries from electrified vehicles

The circular management of batteries from electric vehicles

Stena Recycling handles batteries from electric cars. Follow the steps that show how batteries are examined, discharged and either reused or recycled.
EU Battery Regulation will drive new circular partnerships for industry

EU Battery Regulation make new demands on industry

The EU is preparing tougher battery regulations, which are expected to come into force in 2022-2023. Once passed, these regulations will require new circular partnerships between battery manufacturers and recyclers.
New battery recycling facility close to customers

New battery recycling facility close to customers

Our world is turning electric. Fast. Stena Recycling is building a new battery recycling facility and embarking on an exciting journey with external partners.
The battery value chain

The battery product life: trends and initiatives in the value chain

Using lithium-ion batteries is a great resource for manufacturing new ones. But it's important to manage them properly throughout their product life. From designing them to recycling the materials. Are you in control of your batteries?
Answers from the experts - The future of battery recycling | Stena Recycling

Answers from our experts - the future of battery recycling

We received many interesting questions from the audience attending The Future of Battery Recycling webinar. Here we have collected all the questions and answers. The answers are provided by the experts who participated in the event and Stena Recycling's R&D department.
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