Effective waste management at the construction site


We have worked with SwedeCenter in connection with the construction of the Business Center in Poznań, Poland. The aim of the project was to obtain the highest possible assessment in environmental certification and a degree of material recovery of 75%. We have not only managed to achieve this, but have exceeded the project's objectives by creating a comprehensive recycling system that enabled efficient resource management.

A recycling station, specially built on the construction site, has enabled SwedeCenter to sort 14 types of waste - from metal, wood, glass, foil and recyclable materials to soil, mineral wool and hazardous waste. All social areas located at the construction site have been equipped with a functional system for sorting office waste. Our employees acted as coordinators for waste management and were responsible for logistics issues, as well as assisting in everyday work related to waste management at the construction site.

It was one of the first such advanced and comprehensive solutions for recycling on the Polish market. Cooperation with SwedeCenter has resulted in the following benefits:

Less waste: we have helped SwedeCenter set targets for waste recycling, collect waste data and identify ways to reduce their quantity. As a result, it was possible to reduce the costs of waste management and at the same time avoid wasting valuable raw materials.

Saving working time: Construction workers could focus on their own work, instead of taking the time to deal with waste - an activity that on average takes each of them about 20 minutes a day. In the case of a large construction site, where several hundred people are employed, waste management occupies many hours of employees.

More safety: We have planned efficient sorting for containers with optimal collection times. In this way, we have reduced the risk of accidents at work caused by overfilled containers and unnecessary building materials left on the construction site.

Achieved environmental goals: Thanks to our solutions, we managed to achieve a recovery level of over 75% together with SwedeCenter on all waste, which in turn meant obtaining the highest score in accordance with the LEED and BREAM environmental certification system.

Efficient document flow: We conducted environmental reporting and invoice handling, which not only saved SwedeCenter time, but also provided them with up-to-date information on the ongoing project.

The ability to change the profile to be more environmentally friendly: Our comprehensive recycling solution has provided SwedeCenter with an excellent foundation to present itself on the market as a company that focuses on care for the environment.

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