About Stena Recycling

Stena Recycling aims to find the most resource-efficient way to get the most value from industrial waste and increase the proportion that can be used as new raw material. We are involved early in the value chain in order to find optimal solutions and, thereby, increase customer profitability.

Stena Recycling is a part of Swedish based leading Stena Metall Group with seven business areas, operations on more than 200 locations in ten countries and net sales of almost 27 000 MSEK. Every year we recycle and refine six million tons of waste and end-of-life products and provide our customers with necessary raw materials, steel products and marine fuels. Through research and development, we work to meet the challenges of the future with new, sustainable solutions. Stena Metall’s almost 4 000 employees work closely with partners and customers to create value from a business perspective as well as for the environment and the society.