A resource-efficient automotive industry requires recycling of materials and no landfill waste. That's why today's ambitious goal of 95 percent recycling is no longer enough. New technology will help us to achieve 100 percent recycling. For a future with zero waste. Accomplishing this requires a close collaboration with our customers and partners.



- The Stena Nordic Recycling Center in Halmstad handles close to 40,000 Volvo cars every year, ensuring that more than 95 % of the material in the vehicles can be dismantled, recycled and reused. We are proud to cooperate with Stena Recycling to take better care of our resources on the journey towards a more circular future, says Stuart Templar at Volvo Cars.



Stena Recycling's partnership with Volvo Cars goes back decades. We collaborate to recycle production waste and to maximize the amount of recycled material from end-of-life Volvo cars. Together, we take good care of valuable resources so that they may be reused.

- Through close cooperation with our customers and partners, we develop new technologies, collaborate on design for recycling and make cars easier to recycle. In this way, we can increase the recycling rate, save on resources and energy, and effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions, says Kristofer Sundsgård at Stena Recycling.



The European Commission's end-of-life vehicles (ELV) directive aims to create better car recycling in a more sustainable way. Stena Recycling collaborates with both Volvo Cars and vehicle component manufacturers to find systems that correspond to or surpass the ELV directive's requirements. And that may greatly reduce industrial waste through industrial recycling. For example, Stena Recycling has a good collaboration with selected car dismantlers, who perform decontamination along with the first dismantling.



In the manufacturing process, we ensure that no resources are lost along the way. We also contribute to reducing industry spill by helping with sorting and handling production waste. We redraw the map on the road to a 100% recyclable car and a 100% resource-efficient car industry without deposited waste. The journey starts here.


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