The journey to zero waste

Our long-standing collaboration with Volvo Cars shows how we reduce waste and increase value in the manufacturing industry - and how we can help your business become more sustainable.



We've worked with Volvo Cars for a long time. It's always felt like a natural collaboration as we share the same values. One great thing about long-standing collaborations like this one is that you get a real sense for what works in an organisation, how to adapt to growth and changes, and what delivers results. You also gain essential experience and get a real understanding for the multitude of benefits, beyond waste management alone, that partnerships like this can bring to any company working in the manufacturing industry.

Our partners know they can rely on us - for our expertise in materials, our understanding of the processes involved and how to implement them properly, and our aptitude for the process of recycling itself. Companies we work with also benefit from our ability to take them as close to zero waste in the production process as possible, as well as the high quality of the materials that we re-make and put back into the market, at consistently high volumes, to be used again and again. We recycle 76 per cent of our customer’s material in average. We want to help all our customers to reach 100 per cent material recycling taking better care of resources and enabling increased reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

On a day-to-day basis, we'll help companies take care of the vast majority of their production waste, which translates directly into value for them as well as new, high-quality materials, and recovered energy. But we'll also work closely with them to understand their processes, and apply our logistical expertise to make the actual routines of waste management as streamlined and and effective as possible - making sure that we're being smart from the start of the process, and saving time, material and money as a result.

We call this Stena Resource Management – a service we divide into three phases;

  1. Status analysis
  2. Setting targets
  3. Creating action plan to reach the targets. It's really the definition of "win-win." And importantly, it shows the kind of benefits that a collaboration with Stena Recycling can bring any manufacturer - no matter what it produces.


By providing consultation at the start of the process, when the factory's recycling routines are being set and staff are being briefed on sorting the materials, we can collect recyclable waste more effectively. This leads to much purer, higher-quality new materials being delivered back into the market, in high volumes, stably and consistently.

Over the years, we've built up the kind of customer service base, workforce and infrastructure that makes us a reliable partner across Europe, with a customer base that includes everything from (type of manufacturer) in (country) to (type of manufacturer) in (country).



Our customers benefit from decades of experience and our industry-leading facilities that improve recycling rates and deliver recycled material on unparalleled quality. At our recycling plant in Jönköping, for instance, we have a ground-breaking laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS for short) sorting system that can process and sort aluminium with incredible speed and accuracy. It can take in large quantities from any source, and of any quality, and swiftly sort it into highly precise quality grades.

This streamlines and speeds up the process, and also adds an extra level of quality control and assurance about the purity of the finished, recycled product. The LIBS system lets us make recycled aluminium which is indistinguishable from virgin aluminium in terms of quality. It's uniquely fast and effective, it gives us a real competitive advantage - and, at the time of writing, ours is the only commercially-used LIBS system in the world.

Now, recycling something like a car, a chainsaw or a TV can be tricky. These are complex items,  filled with different sorts of materials and technology. For this kind of challenge, our Stena Nordic Recycling Center comes into the picture -  our state of the art recycling plant in Halmstad where tried-and-tested recycling techniques rub shoulders with cutting-edge sorting and recovery technology.

Stena Nordic Recycling Center boosts recycling rates for end-of-life products by letting us process just about any product delivered to it, either creating new materials of incomparably high quality or harnessing the energy contained within the waste. It creates new materials and provides CO2 savings. It's a game-changer, and something that our customers exclusively benefit from.


We act as consultants, helping our customers implement the right routines and processes for recycling, making them as effective as possible and saving time, effort and money - as well as maximising the amount of recoverable material. But we'll also help them see the bigger picture. Like how design for recycling can help increase a product's recyclability, reducing waste and emissions.



The demand for different types of raw material is volatile, but our customers need to feel secure that we can find a market for their recycled material. Our unique closeness to a worldwide buyer network means that whatever it is that we're provided with - and whatever it is that we're recycling - can be moved on, putting those precious remade resources right back into the loop. 


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