Quayside Powerbanks - The Next Step in the Electrification of Shipping



Stena is now taking the next step in shipping electrification: the development of a new type of energy storage, similar to very large powerbanks, which will be essential for the quick charging of electric ferries in the future. The project is part-financed by the EU and will, among other things, investigate how used batteries from the transport sector can be reused for energy storage in ports.

“In order to conserve natural resources and make battery recycling sustainable, we need to do everything we can to use batteries for as long as possible. Our conclusion is that many batteries can have a second life as energy storage. If we can find solutions that will scale-up and work in ports, we’ll have a win-win situation in many ways”, says Rasmus Bergström, Managing Director of Batteryloop, a subsidiary of the Stena Recycling Group.

The project is a collaboration between Batteryloop and Stena Line among others.

“This is an important milestone in the electrification of shipping. Energy storage at ports using reused batteries, is a very interesting and sustainable alternative for the future”, says Per Wimby, project manager for electrification at Stena Teknik.

Read the full story on Batteryloop's website: https://www.batteryloop.com/quayside-powerbanks/

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