Waste and recycling partner in food programme

The 5th season of MasterChef, the world's largest food programme and amateur cocktail competition produced by Endemol Shine Finland, was filmed in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in summer and autumn 2017. Stena acted as waste management and recycling partner for the program.

In spite of the loss prevention and careful advance planning, in the descriptions of a large food program, waste is generated both during the construction and demolition phase. Recycling should be as easy and smooth as possible in a hectic shooting environment.

During the construction and demolition of the recording studio, Stena delivered the building separately to the studio in order to properly sort and recycle the construction waste. During the program descriptions, the studio sorted metals, cardboard, glasses, bio-waste and energy waste. In addition, mixed waste had its own containers. The containers were emptied once a week and the studio always had one container for recycling.

Prior to the start of production, recycling was carefully carried out with the entire working group, and the clear containers received from Stena were collected in the collection bins in order to make the recycling of waste easy and trouble-free. The program was mainly shot in a studio environment. One of the episodes of the program was described in an outdoor location at Töölöntor, for which a separate recycling plan was prepared. Stena delivered separate recycling containers for sorting, which were sorted with biowaste and mixed waste. All the containers used in the task were biodegradable, so little waste was generated.

MC | Stena Recycling

The sorting was made easy for the workgroup during both the studio building, the shooting, and the demolition of the studio. Taking care of environmental issues and the sorting of waste is important in production. - Cooperation with Stena was easy and smooth

MC2 | Stena Recycling

The MasterChef studio sorted metal, cardboard, glass, energy waste and mixed waste.

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