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In our customer portal, we have gathered many features that give you a total overview over your recycling and day-to-day collaboration with us. In addition you get insights for improvements to your resource management. Anytime, anywhere - the customer portal works on your computer or mobile phone.


The customer portal allows you to visualize your recycling statistics and get a clear overview. You can check volumes, environmental impact, waste economy, where your materials are in the waste hierarchy and assess your recycling over time. It allows you to analyse trends and evaluate potential improvements. You can easily select the time period and location for any of your operations, giving you a broader understanding. In order to save time, you can export the insights for use in your own presentations. 


All your waste statistics are collected in the portal. You can filter and download them, and get a deeper understanding of specific aspects of your recycling. We also provide statistics reports that are customized to your specific environmental reporting needs. We make it as easy for you as possible. 


Here, you can find out which containers are being emptied by us - we include details of both the containers you hire from us and those that you own. This gives a complete overview of the sorting activity in all your operations, which can help you evaluate potential recycling improvements over time. 


The portal makes it easy to order pickup of containers. You can also view your pickup history and monitor coming pickups.


Here, all our joint documentation is gathered in one place. You can manage local and central instructions and view the regulations that govern your recycling operations. Permits, certificates and company-specific sorting guides can be added here to minimize your administration work. You also have control over who can access different documents. 


Effectively monitoring recycling, and gaining insights into the potential for improvement, enables your business to become more sustainable.

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