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Process and product design

Vacuum cleaner made from 100% recyclable material created by Stena Recycling in collaboration with Electrolux.
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Providing a household appliance manufacturer with design guidance to help fulfill their high sustainability ambitions set for 2030


The project scope concerned the development of a recyclability tool prototype to be used by the client in internal product development processes. The scope also included an analysis of drivers and obstacles to improve recyclability rates.


The features of the tool, e.g. function, desired metrics, and usage were specified in close discussion with the client. The Stena Circular Consulting project team worked in sprints and developed demo versions of the tool, which were continuously evaluated by the client. By working in an iterative process and adjusting the tool according to the client’s needs, the project team delivered a solution that matched the client’s expectations on internal applicability and user-friendliness. The client received the full demo version of the tool and documentation summarizing the tool’s functions, limitations, and possible areas for further development.


The tool enables the client to make rough estimates regarding the recyclability of both existing and future products already in the design phase. As decisions made during product design will largely determine how a product is treated at end-of-life, data on future recyclability potential is essential to improve recyclability rates. Hopefully, after further development of the prototype and its functionality, the tool can be shared with other companies in the industry.

Vision becomes reality

When we began our collaboration with Electrolux, we couldn’t have dreamt that we would come so far. The result is a vacuum cleaner made from 100% recycled consumer plastic and re-used components. So far, it is a prototype, but we have shown that it is possible to turn vision into reality. This is a milestone on the road towards circular products.

A unique collaboration

We began a close collaboration with Electrolux to create a 100% recyclable vacuum cleaner made from 100% recycled and reused plastic.

Smart from the start

To achieve sustainable manufacturing, design, production and recycling must be viewed as a whole – not as separate flows.

Plastic is fantastic

When handled correctly, plastic can become a circular material. Our project with Electrolux shows the benefits when two industries collaborate.

Why choose Stena Circular Consulting

At Stena Circular Consulting, our expert consultants support companies with strategic advice and help them develop sustainable circular solutions that deliver the greatest environmental and business value.

As part of Stena Recycling Group, we have decades of acquired knowledge and hands-on experience when it comes to helping businesses become more sustainable through circularity. Together, we can make your business more efficient, sustainable and profitable. Because when you become circular, everyone benefits.

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