What we offer

Pioneering Product-as-a-Service offerings

“Our team is always open to fresh and innovative ideas. With the assistance of Stena Circular Consulting and Cradlenet, we were able to transform these ideas into a solid concept. Thanks to their coaching and facilitation, we have developed a Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) offer that will be crucial for the future of our business in the lighting industry. Although the industry may not have caught up yet, we are committed to moving in that direction.” 

Rickard Lundell 

Business and marketing director, Rebel Light

"Collaborating with Stena Circular Consulting and Cradlenet has proven to be highly beneficial for us. Their expertise broadened our understanding of circular business models and underscored the significance of really understanding the user experience when developing an attractive Product-as-a-Service offering. Their support in assessing the financial viability of various Product-as-a-Service models was particularly noteworthy. Through our collaboration, we were able to step beyond our existing business model to explore the potential of a pure service concept." 

Emelie Nordlander 

Project manager, Accus

Stena Circular Consulting and Cradlenet worked together to support Accus and Rebel Light in identifying and structuring an appealing offering with strong commercial potential. Through the process, they explored the different aspects that are critical to developing a winning Product-as-a-Service offering, including:

  • understanding their customer’s needs and crafting an attractive customer journey
  • identifying essential services and how to build the required capabilities to deliver them
  • facilitating customer dialogue to improve and clarify their Product-as-a-Service offering
  • developing a viable business case and pricing model

Following a well-structured process, both companies were able to efficiently design their first Product-as-a-Service offering, which they were excited and confident to pilot with their customers. By implementing these concepts, they can retain ownership of their product and ensure its actual lifespan matches the intended technical lifespan. This allows them to fully realise the circular economy potential of their products and move towards more sustainable practices.

“Rebel Light’s dedication to changing the way lighting is distributed is impressive and will play a valuable role in increasing product utilisation and reducing waste. Together, we were able to combine detailed understanding of Product-as-a-Service with knowledge of Rebel Light’s products, clients and market to identify a lucrative approach to Lighting-as-a-Service.”  

Märta Bergfors, MSc - Project Lead, Stena Circular Consulting 

“It takes commitment to create the necessary conditions for circular economy practices, and it is inspiring to see Accus leading the way. They have developed valuable approaches to improving product design and ensuring products are kept in use for as long as possible, which I hope will be adopted by many more companies. Through combining our expertise, benchmarking against initiatives in other sectors, and delving into their customers' needs, we were able to identify an attractive Signage-as-a-Service offering which I am looking forward to seeing in action.”

Felicia Gustafsson, MSc - Project Lead, Stena Circular Consulting