Finding the hidden value of plastic in your production


Everything is a resource

At Stena, we think that all types of waste are resources that can and should be recycled - again and again. By optimizing their resource management, manufacturing companies can take control of their waste, minimize risk and increase efficiency.

In collaboration with our manufacturing customers, Stena’s specialists often find hidden value in waste materials. Thanks to our advanced recycling processes, we can increase recycling rates and produce cleaner materials that meet the demands of customers in the next part of the chain. In this way, we help customers improve both their sustainability and profitability.

Moving material up the waste hierarchy means it can be used more effectively in future products. It also conserves virgin resources. This is essential to creating a circular economy. Our expert knowledge, cutting-edge technology and creativity can move your material up the waste hierarchy and increase both your sustainability and profitability.



We recycle 5 million tonnes of material each year (3 million tonnes in Sweden alone) and are reputable suppliers of recycled raw materials around the world. We supply more than 400 steel mills, foundries, smelters, paper mills and raw material buyers and can ensure optimized sales for your material.

We can help you:

  • Analyze - make waste inventories, identify need and challenges.
  • Get it right - train and motivate staff, improve sorting procedures, organize waste handling and ensure legal compliance.
  • Improve - optimize waste management, provide recycling statistics and identify more effective solutions.


Our services

Moving material up the waste hierarchy creates more sustainable manufacturing, improves resource utilization and contributes to a circular economy. Allow us to transform your waste into valuable resources.



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A great deal of the plastic in end-of-life products cannot currently be recycled. Research conducted by Vinnova, Boliden and Stena Recycling has reduced the amount of plastic being sent to landfill sites or waste incinerators.

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Each year, Stena Recycling’s expertise recycles 3 million tonnes of material in Sweden. Materials that were previously thought useless can live again and become a source of value.

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Plastic is not really a single material, but a collective name for several hundred different kinds of plastics consisting of chemical compounds, so-called polymers. We take care of collection and recycling and offer a simple and cost-effective management.

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